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Custom Made Instruments

Custom Made Singing Bowls, Bells, Gongs and other Metal Sounding Instruments

We offer to craft instruments to personal specifications and intentional alignment

A wide range of instruments, singing bowls, hand bells, tingsha bells, tubular bells and gongs large and small are made bespoke, by commission and through personal attunement.

People from all walks, sound healers and percussionists, contemporary musicians, yoga teachers, kindergarten teachers and those who have a meditative practice are amongst those who have acquired and commissioned instruments from Resounding Earth.

What’s involved in commissioning an instrument?

To have a sounding instrument made specifically for you is like a blessing from the wider universe to assist in your own coherence with body and soul.

A singing bowl that is crafted for you is made in total co-creation with you even though you are not physically present.

Profound transformation occurs with the metal and so with you.
This is a gift for your life…one through which the vibrations and frequencies continue to work with you in your daily living. Like being gifted the song of your heart. You will be invited to meet with one of our highly skilled and sensitive makers for ‘an attunement’ session. It is here that you will have a chance to consider what kind of instrument you are asking for.
Is this a personal sound companion or a community project?
Is there a healing or transformation being asked for through the making?

What’s involved in commissioning an instrument?

Is this a gift for you or another? 

Through hammering, firing and working with the metal and your intention, the metal is imbued with the resonance of a new frequency. The agreement to enter into a commission process is a relationship of trust and each of the makers has their own particular way of working.

This is a specialised service of co-creating singing bowls with you as a healing alchemical journey of deep immersion and transformation. This can be likened to a distant healing process and can last weeks or months depending on your process and the shared journey.

The instrument begins to be birthed from the moment it is conceived by you. The dialogue begins with you approaching us with your inquiry.

These instruments can serve as..

  • A vibrational assistant and supporter on your journey to wholeness
  • A powerful healing gift for tool
  • A piece of tonal craft work that adds to your life and beyond, supporting others
  • A sound sculpture for bringing balance and tonal frequency to a particular environment – outdoor or indoor
  • An aid to meditation and relaxation
  • Allies in the process of crossing thresholds – the journey into the unknown
These instruments can serve as..

Pricing for custom made instruments

depend on various factors

  • The size of instrument
  • The metal used (bronze, brass or copper) – bronze is more expensive.
  • The thickness of the metal (anything between 1.6mm and 3mm)
  • The depth of the bowl
  • And the time given to the crafting and alchemical healing process.

Cost starts at a minimum of €190 -€240 for a small bowl (9cm diameter at start) alongside a process of a healing journey. Estimated Costs for larger bowls as follows:

  • 10 – 13cm bowls (diameter at start) from €250 – €450*

  • 14 – 17cm bowls (diameter at start) from €460 – €650*

  • 18 – 20cm bowls (diameter at start) from €650 – €850
  • Up to 30cm larger bowls available (diameter at start) – up to €1700)*

*Depending on size, thickness, choice of metal,etc.
i.e. brass and copper bowls are generally a little less expensive re metal price and work,
bronze – harder and more expensive
nickel copper – harder and highest metal price

All commissions undertaken will have been discussed with you and work will begin once an understanding of the price range has been agreed. The work undertaken is entered into as a dedicated relationship and the prices reflect the work involved.

Included in the price: In-depth process reports, pictures, deep alchemical processes and journeys, a wand and a beautiful bag or cloth for the bowl.

Not included in the price: Post and packing, and special mallets to bring out more varied tones.

What these powerful instruments can be for you:

  • vibrational assistants on your journey to wholeness.
  • very special healing gifts for yourself or a loved one.
  • a beautiful piece of tonal craft work that adds to your life and beyond, supporting others.
  • a sound sculpture for bringing balance and tonal frequency to a particular environment.
  • aids to meditation, relaxation, rest, calming mind and body
  • assistants to create focus and clarity,
  • uplift and inspire
  • tools for healing
  • allies in the process of crossing thresholds, initiations and ritual journeys
What these powerful instruments can be for you:

Many are also using the bowls and bells to focalise meetings, clear spaces and their own minds/fields, contribute energetically to spaces and people and create energetic flow,

The Process

Through hammering, firing and working with the metal and your intention, the metal is imbued with the resonance of a new frequency.

The agreement to enter into a commission process is a relationship of trust and each of the makers has their own particular way of working.

The instrument begins to be birthed from the moment it is conceived by you.

The dialogue begins with you approaching us with your inquiry.


The Process

Quality and Intention for your Bowl:

In this process we love to tune in together with you about what kind of frequency field of new potential might want to be birthed through the combination of you and us.

Some people are really clear ahead of time what the purpose of their bowl aims to be: For example:

  • assist with focus and clarity
  • bring more of the multidimensional self into expression through the body on this plane of existence in ease, joy and creative expression
  • a personal journey of transformation into becoming more of oneself and allowing ones gifts to be received in the world..

It’s great to have a focus that is large enough that it can grow with you and can apply to and can benefit all who come into contact with the bowl – even beyond your lifetime….
So we are just creating a starting point, as the bowl itself will evolve with you and in the crafting a lot more information pours in that neither of us could have thought of at the start.
And sometimes you can start with a blank slate.

Go here to read someone’s experience of this co-creational journey:…ey-of-a-new-bell

Factors Influencing the Sound

Diameter of the Bowl:
smaller diameter = higher tone,
larger diameter = lower tone.

Thickness of Metal
thicker metal = higher and stronger tone. thinner metal = lower and softer tone

Depth of Bowl
shallower bowl = higher tone.
Deeper bowl = lower tone.

So you can create depth of tone with size, thickness/ thinness and depth of bowl as well as with the material used.

Type of Metal:
Bronze has a slightly brighter quality with a very long sustain and strong sound.
Brass a slightly warmer tone yet also with much brightness and sustain – depending on thickness. Many percieve it as joyful.
Copper opens up a different quality – softer and warmer with an audible range that has less reach … It emits an energetic frequency that is very lively, seeming to stimulate the cells of our bodies in a different way altogether.

These are some of the factors to play and create with. In these metals we begin to perceive that singing bowls are not only about what we hear with our ears but what tonal frequencies and sound vibrations can affect in so many areas of life on Earth.


Factors Influencing the Sound

How do you know which metal to choose?:

For example, if I wanted to create a bowl to awaken consciousness or to cut through the veils etc. I would choose to make a small bowl with thick material – possibly bronze – to get the strength and height of a sound that can both pierce and awaken.

If I wanted to create a bowl to celebrate and facilitate the abundance and awareness of the gifts of the Earth I would probably choose a larger size bowl with depth and warmth for receiving / coming home into.- so I would choose thinner material of a larger size and create more depth – probably in brass.

So this is just a little to get your sensing capacities moving as to what kind of bowl might be knocking on your door to be birthed through our co-creation.

So please let us know what moves in you and what it is that calls you towards having your own sounding instrument/s.

Get in touch: send us an email: [email protected]

Testimonials for custom made singing bowls and bells

The magical journey of a high frequency bell the tale of the creation of a custom made bell as perceived by the recipient

Testimonials for custom made singing bowls and bells
  • Julia Smith on custom bowl journey

    MD Seattle
    Gabriella’s process of custom-crafting bowls and bells is a form of soul-tending. Beginning with our initial interview, she listened and tuned in to what was moving in me and in my life, helping me to discern what role the bowl could have in support of my own emergence. Carrying that deep intention with her into the forging of the bowl, Gabriella worked with the subtle energies of both the subject (me) and the object (the bowl) with astonishing sensitivity and intuition. She is an inspired and dedicated artisan whose true gift is to bring bowl and soul into sacred resonance.
  • Nita Gage – Custom Bowl Journey

    PHD, MA , CSAC
    Gabriella crafted two beautiful singing bowls for me, in a process that profoundly impacted me in ways I would never have imagined. The work she did consisted of several weeks of firing, hammer and re-firing and re-hammering and instilling the bowls with vibrational energy from her heart and soul. She shared with me her journey of completing the bowls and as she unfolded the story it became deeply clear to me that the process the bowls went through reflected a deep emotional process I was in at the time. Gabriella recounted to me the difficulties, challenges, and barriers preceding the emergence of beautiful bowls that have an exquisite sound when played. What I felt was that during that time, the bowl process was a kind of “distance healing” process, where the bowls and Gabriella were alchemically working with my energy field. It was as though something was being worked out with the bowl process that I might otherwise have had to confront in my emotional or physical body.The bowls feel organically connected to my body and spirit. I use them daily, sometimes several times to increase mindfulness. As I ring them, the vibration moves through me and clears energetic blocks that might otherwise become emotional or physical problems.Gabriella is a gifted musician, craftsperson and healer, working on the energetic, alchemical and physical level to created singing and healing bowls.
  • Sharon Fallon Shreve – Custom Bowl Journey

    Wow, such an amazing process! I closed my eyes as I listened to the recording of the process you sent and found my Self nearly in a meditative state…. it felt as though I was right there with you and the bowl going thru the entire process together. The experience was deep, I felt completely submerged, yet fully present in the co-creation of my bowl.I am struck by your documentation of this process and your tender loving care.I am beyond delighted and excited!!!

    Tone Gongs


    Our tone-gongs are very melodic with various notes and tuneful resonance. Gongs are known to have the greatest variety and range of harmonics – which accounts for their incredible restorative and healing properties. In addition to these properties our tone gongs have a very clear central note, which gives them a tuneful and melodic resonance in combination with the wash of sound.

    We create gongs to order as we love to make them to your specifications.

    Small gongs start at 25cm diameter. Start price £700 for thin brass or copper

    Bronze gongs are generally a little more expensive as the metal is dearer and harder to work with.

    Please listen to the multiple sound samples of various brass, bronze and copper gongs below to get an impression and enjoy

    Tone Gongs

    Our gongs are very melodic with a wide range of harmonic overtones, various notes and a resonance often described as tuneful … the central boss bringing forth a note not dissimilar to the gamelan tradition of gongs.
    CONTACT US to start the conversation


    For 26cm 2mm gong:”..The gong is wonderful.  I love her beautiful sound – strong yet soft.  We have had a very happy union – I feel so peaceful with her and am transported to another space.”Viv, Northampton UK

    For 40cm 2mm gong:”How beautifully she sings ..I AM very happy for your energy in the GongIt is wonderful!!! With heartfelt gratitude…” Ulla, New York

    Resounding Earth