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Meet Gabriela Songbird Kapfer and Heather Cowen


Meet Resounding Earth Creators

Resounding Earth is an impulse, an organisation and creation space that acknowledges the consciousness of all of life. Where there is consciousness there is an absence of limitation, an energetic possibility.

We acknowledge the co-creative universe of which we are a part and we invite the consciousness of other beings and energies to participate with us in all that we offer and facilitate.

Our retreats and workshops are creation spaces. These are opportunities to directly affect material and to be affected by it.

One of the gifts of a bowl making workshop or retreat is that participants come to have direct encounters with these co-creative invitations and possibilities. Through direct engagement with our own ‘part’ in the creative act a window opens to the possibility that every moment in life is an invitation to meet the creator aspect of ourselves.

Many of the singing bowls and instruments that are crafted with Resounding Earth are brought into being with the invitation for the bowl to create the sounds that may facilitate a new vibrational possibility coming into the earth. This is also true of the living field of Sound Weaving that has emerged through Gabriella Kapfer and later co-created and developed with Heather Cowen.


  • Heather Cowen March 2018

Resounding Earth