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Sep 13 – Sep 15

Three Days to Forge a Singing Bowl – Sussex, UK

Meet and work with the elements of nature through the alchemy of a coppersmithing and forging process.

September 13, 2024 
to September 15, 2024
Friday 14:00 to 21:30, Saturday and Sunday from 09:30 to 17:30

A three day non-residential workshop to experience the alchemical process of transformation through crafting a singing bowl .

You will be fully assisted and supported in working in a co-creative process of crafting metal to bring a unique fine frequency sounding instrument into form.

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These days will offer you an immersion into the world of sound from the beautiful perspective of living co-creation. Through our own hand crafted instruments, sound sessions and stories, skilled and sensitive guidance we will take you into a making process that comes to us through a lineage of sound forging as a sacred art – an act that can support life in every way.

To craft your own singing bowl is a rich and expansive experience of immersion into an ancient process of forging, working closely with the elements and the tools whilst bringing a new consciousness to every moment. You will scribe, cut, shape, fire and sink your own small singing bowl, made of copper, brass or bronze.

At the end of the workshop you will not only have a beautiful, fine frequency sound companion and ally, you will have gone through an embodied experience of personal and alchemical change yourself.


. . . an invitation to meet the wonder of alchemy as you engage in a truly co-creative process.


Please note that this is not a blacksmithing process but a ‘softer’ engagement with metal and fire through copper-smithing techniques developed over many years and honed to a fine level of expertise.

The instruments, singing bowls or bells are finely tuned through the process itself – one that invites both you, the maker, and the metal instrument to become a harmonic and coherent being. Working together with the fire, the tools and the metal, together you forge a relationship as you bring forward your own beautiful sound frequencies . . . An instrument that may not only support and assist your own life but that of others, from now and for our collective ongoing futures.

The workshop is suitable for people of all ages from as young as 12 and the older ageless. A level of fitness that allows you to use your hands with some dexterity and strength is helpful. Please get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns about the suitability of the work for yourself.


This workshop can be taken as a standalone of 3 days or in combination as a longer 5 day immersion for making two instruments:

We are offering a 2 day tubular bell / singing bell making workshop 16th/ 17th which can be added to this workshop at a reduced rate for the 5 days.

Wadhurst , East Sussex

We are being hosted at a beautiful private residence on the Sussex Downs.

Full details given for participants following registration.

Our Hosts and the Venue

Maya and John Morgan set up their own forge at their home after finding a sense of deep appreciation for working with the metal sounding instruments over the past ten years. It’s because of their dedication to peace and healing and also their generosity and hospitality that we are able to once again be hosted and assisted to bring our work to the UK from where we currently live in Portugal.

Not only are they our hosts but also our UK team , bringing their own finely tunes skills and knowledge to the work we are all committed to. Together we will co-create a couple of special forging days to Resound our Earth with ever more fine frequencies of both sound and community, looking out over the beautiful Sussex Weald.

Over many years they have dedicated their lives and home to building a field of health and wellness that is grounded and solid, forging has become an integral part of their world and they generously share their devotion to peace through sound, music and their company, Helios Homeopathics.

These days will be immersive and dedicated to growing the world community of sound beings that are contributing to the Earth frequencies of Love, Peace and greater Wellbeing for All of Life.


Our Hosts and the Venue

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Workshop Detail and Prices

Money Contribution: £475 for 3 days or £750 for 5 days

During all workshop days, drinks, snacks and a vegetarian lunch with vegan options is included in this price.

This amount does not cover the cost of the metal you choose to work with. This can be an amount from £15 – £50 depending upon size and type of material

We would be sad if the price of participation keeps you from being with us. Please send an email if you wish for a personal agreement.


Workshop Detail and Prices
What is included?

Teaching and full guidance and support in the craft of sound forging over three days of sound vibrational alchemy through regular sound sessions, personal facilitation throughout the process. Use of tools and care of space and each other.

We will also be nourished by freshly prepared vegetarian food throughout. Friday supper and Saturday and Sunday lunches, with refreshments and drinks.

What is not included?

Materials: The estimated amount for materials is between £20 – £50 for a three-day workshop, based on type and size of metal worked with. It also includes a hand turned wand,* made by Gabriella, that we give to our first time singing bowl makers.

*More may be available to purchase at the workshop.

Regarding size of bowl that can be forged over a three day workshop – we advise beginners to start with a small bowl that they can hold in their hand and put in their pocket.

Is there accommodation available?

There are some local AirBnB and B&B style options in the neighbouring proximity.

If you are considering coming from further abroad, by plane, bus etc we will do what we can to assist bringing the pieces together if you need support.

white rose bush england garden sussex
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To Book Your Place

To secure your place we ask for a non-refundable deposit of £150.

Completion of payment can happen at the workshop in cash or by bank transfer in advance with the same bank details below.
View our cancellation policy.

Please note that this workshop is limited to no more than 12 people. This will be our only Forging a Singing Bowl Workshop in the UK in 2024. Please be sure to act quickly as places usually fill fast.

Let us know you’ve secured your place by sending an email to us at [email protected]


Please make your deposit payment by bank transfer to

G Kapfer and H Cowen: The Co-operative Bank
Sort Code 08-90-66    Acc no:04176422

Please add reference: workshop 13 – 15 September

Through this transaction we acknowledge that you as a woman or man are giving a financial contribution/ compensation to the women, Gabriella and Heather, who offer their gifts, labour and skills with gratitude and joy.  *

As we won’t be notified by please send us an email letting us know you have sent a deposit


It will be a joy to share these days of sound alchemy with you!

Resounding Earth