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Our European Summer Tour July – September 2023

UK – Sussex and Bedfordshire – July / August 2023

GERMANY – August /September 2023


In Portugal

Central Portugal

Come and be with us in this land that knows the whispers and footfall of a template of abundance.

We run regular workshops about once a month from our home base in Central Portugal – please enquire

From our home base in the Alta Beira region of the Serra da Estrela mountains, we offer non-residential workshops for forging sound instruments with our granite cave in an intimate village setting.

Not all of these are advertised in advance so don’t hesitate to be in touch with us

This region is something of a nature haven and bio-region for regenerative projects and simply living closer to the earth and her natural frequencies. In this regard we offer hosting opportunities for you to co-create your own bespoke retreat with us. Being accommodated in nearby village airbnb style accommodation and softly weaving yourself into a closer relationship to nature through the wider landscape here and it’s clear vibrational field. You may like to include a singing bowl forging experience, some sound transformational assistance, some visits to high ground, mountain streams and lakes, ancient dolmens of giant granite, or allow yourself to rest and be bathed in a wholly different way of being.

Southern Portugal

Twice a year – Please enquire
In Spring and Autumn/Winter we offer workshops in the Alentejo Region of Southern Portugal.
We welcome your interest and any enquiries.



Come and join us as we set up the forge and meet the elements and elementals of the ancient craft of sound forging. Through these days and nights the dreaming will become manifest as fine tonal frequencies as you bring a new sounding instrument into existence. Co-creating with nature and the fine beings of sound and light, you will be fully assisted, supported and guided in the beauty of crafting a singing bowl or bell.

The team for this workshop will be the Resounding Earth midwives, alchemists, sound smiths and weavers, Gabriella and Heather. Through the fine whispers and awareness of nature as our co-creative partners these days will unfold with beauty, power and openings to a whole new future.  

“… for the dreamers, weavers and ancestors of the future”

“this is all about coherence… coming into coherence with yourself, with your future alignment, with your soul … it’s about being in resonance with beauty“


What is a Resounding Earth Workshop like?

Resounding Earth