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Meet the Resounding Earth Team – Gabriella Kapfer







Gabriella ‘Songbird’ has been co-facilitating vibrational healing workshops and retreats as well as transformational journeys and pilgrimages to sacred sacred sites working with sound and Nature for more than 14 (thousand!) years. As a creator and sound alchemist she brings the wider consciousness of co-creating with all of life towards facilitating others to be coherent with themselves and with the Earth. 

I discovered my passion for forging, smithing and other craft based work in my teenage years – spending time in my father’s workshop.

She learnt the craft of metal instrument making with Ton Akkermans since 2004 and started offering workshops of singing-bowl making in 2011. She is particularly skilled at facilitating the alchemical process with metal, fire, the elements and the vibration of conscious heartfelt connection as a way to consciously invite, birth and/or transform energies in our personal lives and in the world. As such the making of the singing bowls becomes a tool of creation way beyond the instrument itself. Through the embodiment of the craft, sound, as vibration, becomes physical form.

Gabriella herself is a very finely tuned instrument – she has been described as being like an ear and a voice with heart.

See Gabriella’s website Peace Trails for more

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