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Meet the Resounding Earth Team – Heather Cowen




Heather has a wide reaching background in facilitation, teaching and hosting. Heather empowers others to widen their lens and perceive beyond the evidence based surface. She gives people access to more of themselves through sound, music and creative mentoring, intuitive and well developed skills of deep listening as well as energetic healing work and one to one facilitation. 

A Bowl Whisperer, a Muse and Midwife to new Creations…

She has been crafting singing bowls and bells since 2010 and has been hosting and co-facilitating the work since having first met Ton Akkermans in 2010. 

It is a work she thrives on – the act of engagement with a physical process and the presence with the creative process as a continual invitation to greater consciousness.

Many have described her as a Bowl Whisperer, a Muse and Midwife to new Creations. She has a wide experience of and a wild love of intuitive cooking, co-creating meals with the plants and bodies she is feeding!

Resounding Earth