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Our Evolving Story

Our Evolving Story

Resounding Earth is an expressed impulse to have our Earth resound with sounds and energies that are born of beauty, conscious co-creation, in living connectedness with Nature and Love.

Increasing coherence and the flow of Love and Universal energy through co-creating with Sound, Nature and Alchemy…..

We came together through the many rich strands that have formed a tapestry . . .  one that includes the whispers of the leaves and grasses and the tidal shifts of a planet in stupendous transition. Our dedication is to contribute to greater coherence and harmony through sharing our own gifts and developed skills with others.

We feel this project, Resounding Earth, to be a continually evolving story that invites the luminous and ethereal nature of the cosmos to meet us fully and bring greater wonder to the material world.

We are both the forgers and the forged, midwives and artisans, in collaboration with a continuing joyful co-creation with each other, nature and the weaving and crafting of sounds.

It is alchemy.

Beginnings and Roots of Resounding Earth

Gabriella’s Journey

In the year 2000 Gabriella lived in a small community project in the north of Scotland, growing a garden for a small retreat house in co-creation with nature. Some very strong encounters with the spirits of land and trees, the Mystery School of the landscape and a message from a mountain, who asked her to ‘play for us’ caused her to shift focus.Co-creating with nature expanded from creating a garden to a way of life and specifically allowing sound / song and music to come through her as a voice for the Earth.

Thus began a deep commitment to co-creating vibrational fields of sound and frequency that would facilitate more coherence, love and harmony in the world.

‘I found a way to share music that was more and more co-created with the beings of nature that would not only assist humans who heard it to access a deeper part of their own remembering of their essence, Source and connectedness, but also weave vibrational fields of coherence that facilitated harmonic frequency shifts towards greater harmony on many subtle levels. ‘

Thus begun a period of ‘work’ with sound and song in co-creation with nature – working and travelling as a Peace-troubadour through many countries – creating shifts, healing and vibrational harmonic fields of coherence with land, people and places.

On one of those travels in 2003 Gabriella met Ton Akkermans, a master blacksmith/coppersmith, who spoke about the forging of singing bowls and metal healing sound instruments.

Resounding Earth