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A Clear Call

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From  230,00

About this exchange

It was crafted to assist all those who are open to can perceive to awaken to their greatest potency and strength – sending out a clear light, a Knowing of direction and purpose;
And also to align with time outside linear time – nature’s timing…

Hand crafted in alchemical co-creation with the elements of nature and the cosmos

This bowl is supplied with a suede wrapped wooden wand and a bag

This bowl can become your daily friend and ally as it can assist you to re-centre and focus your energy every time you play it.

You can use it just for yourself or with others to start meetings, assisting everyone to be centred and authentic, to take a breath and come from a fresh place. … And more….

It loves to slip into a bag or pocket and come along wherever you go.


Material:     Bronze

Diameter:   9 cm

Depth:         3 cm

Thickness:   2.5 mm

Weight:       160 g.


We have introduced flexible pricing to give you choice and freedom to bring your heart to this exchange. Give what you genuinely feel, creating a balance between showing your appreciation for our work and this beautiful bowl and your own financial capacity.See more above ‘about this exchange’

Resounding Earth