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Flight – Single Bell

Bronze Singing Bell- large

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About this exchange

Hand crafted Single Bell with brass wand/striker

Faciliates and creates clarity, focus and expanded state of mind.

MATERIAL: 2mm Bronze

DIAMETER: 5.5 – 6cm

This beautiful bronze bell was crafted in conscious co-creation and with care and joy to facilitate our consciousness to take flight with the lightness of being.

For facilitating clarity, focus and expanded state of mind and to:

  • Create clarity and focus
  • Expand perception and awareness
  • Meditate or shift states of consciousness
  • Uplift and create joy
  • Change vibration when spaces of atmospheres feel heavy or stuck
  • Sound in nature as a contribution
  • And more….


We have introduced flexible pricing to give you choice and freedom to bring your heart to this exchange. Give what you genuinely feel, creating a balance between showing your appreciation for our work and this beautiful bell and your own financial capacity.
See more above ‘about this exchange’


  • Flight
Resounding Earth