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Bronze Tingsha Singing Bells

From  80,00

About this exchange

Hand crafted Tingsha Bliss Bells – a blessing of grace – allowing the heart to open – space and time expand… Can change and lift..

MATERIAL: 2mm Bronze

SIZE: Medium

DIAMETER: 4.5 cm

These beautiful medium bronze bells were hand forged in conscious co-creation and joy with nature.
They create an opening for the energy of grace to become present. Allow them to uplift and open, bring joy, peace and the softest touch of the blessings of seen and unseen winged ones.

These bells – especially when played softly – can open the heart and change, lift and expand the space ….

Uplifting, imbued with the vibration of gratitude, these bells can be a blessing for whatever they ‘touch’ vibrationally.


We have introduced flexible pricing to give you choice and freedom to bring your heart to this exchange. Give what you genuinely feel, creating a balance between showing your appreciation for our work and these beautiful bells and your own financial capacity.
See more above ‘about this exchange’

Resounding Earth