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Peace & Oneness Bells

Bronze Tingsha Singing Bells – medium large

From  90,00

About this exchange

Hand crafted Tingsha Bells for meditation, deepening and change.

These beautiful medium bronze bells invite the vibration of peace, clarity and stillness in the midst of whatever you find yourself in. They were forged to facilitate us to remember and align with our own Source, from where we can create the greatest expression of who we truly are – contributing to a world in harmony with the Earth – Knowing our Oneness and Interconnectedness with All of Life.

MATERIAL: 2mm Bronze

SIZE: Medium Large


These medium-large powerful bronze tingsha bells were crafted to assist us to access the Oneness of All that is, experiencing ourselves as one with all of creation and aligning with our Connection to Source.Through the vibration of Oneness the bells invite Peace that is beyond polarity for our personal lives and the world at large.

For meditation, deepening and change and to:

  • Invite more of your capacities and potency to awaken into the vast space of Oneness from where there is no separation but each cell and being is an expression of, and contributes to, wholeness
  • Engage the elementals into co-creating with you a peace between worlds and realities, within and without
  • Transform states, spaces and energies from density into greater consciousness and possibility
  • Invite new possibilities you hadn’t thought of, expect them to show up and be open to receive them
  • Facilitate change, resolution, remembering belonging, oneness and peace
  • Dissolve density, conflict and polarity, sense of separation and isolation
  • Add more…be creative…play…

We have introduced flexible pricing to give you choice and freedom to bring your heart to this exchange. Give what you genuinely feel, creating a balance between showing your appreciation for these beautiful bells and your own financial capacity. See more above ‘about this exchange’


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