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About this exchange

It facilitates a Space of Being in connection with soul and heart,

‘Every time I play it I go out far and expand – it takes me everywhere and always brings me back home to me ‘

Hand crafted in alchemical co-creation with the elements of nature and the cosmos

This bowl can become your daily friend and ally as it can assist you to re-centre and focus your energy and reconnect with you heart and essence every time you play it.You can use it just for yourself morning . evenings and throughout the day or with others to start meetings, assisting everyone to be centred and authentic, take a breath and come from a fresh place. … And more….

It loves to slip into a bag or pocket and come along wherever you go.

It is supplied with a suede wrapped hand made wooden wand and a bag

Material:     Bronze

Diameter:   12cm

Depth:         3.8cm

Thickness:   2,5mm


Resounding Earth