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Unicorn Gift

small Bronze Tingsha Singing Bells

From  70,00

About this exchange

Hand crafted Tingsha Bells –
These small bronze bells have a shimmering sound like a ray of pure silver light – a gift from the unicorns to
Uplift, Enliven, Create Points of light, bring joy & a sparkle of magic, raise frequency

MATERIAL: bronze

SIZE: small


A Ray of Purity and Silver Light
These small high vibrational bronze bells have a shimmering tone – creating a fine frequency pathway – facilitating upliftment, enlivening, joy, lightness and pure Beingness

Unicorns are known to carry magic – able to transform what seemed ordinary into vibrant magical presence.

So can we in our everyday lives allow these bells to transform dull moments or spaces into moments and places of magic and joy.


Have them in your back pocket for any moment that asks for magic, enlivening, change, upliftment and some sparkle…..

Beautiful also for small children to connect them with where they came from.


  • uplift and raise energy to a very fine vibration
  • create change & transform
  • bring joy and magic
  • purify, create more ‘space’
  • shift states of consciousness
  • as a vibrational contribution whenever asked for
  • … add more….


We have introduced flexible pricing to give you choice and freedom to bring your heart to this exchange. Give what you genuinely feel, creating a balance between showing your appreciation for our work and these beautiful bells and your own financial capacity.
See more above ‘about this exchange’




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