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Tubular Bell

Can you imagine resounding our earth with the sound frequencies of pure love, wholeness, co-creation, peace, joy, co-operation, wellbeing, togetherness, thrival?

Tubular Bell
Tubular Bell

Imagine a web of large tubular bells hanging and ringing in key places all over the planet – emanating and sounding vibrations of coherence, beauty, wellbeing and peace to uplift the local and global field into a greater level of harmony and contributive interconnectedness.

The vision was received many years ago when Resounding Earth as an impulse was born and has been carried by us quietly and consistently until its time had come.

And it’s time has come!!


The First Bell

The first of these large Tubular Bells was called forward and brought into being by Quentin Cowen in 2015. Co-created in collaboration by a team of seven makers, the brass bell of 1.9 metres in length, 15 cms diameter and 5mm thick, was forged over a period of one week in a simple woodland setting in the vale of the Avon River, close to the ancient sites of Stone Henge and Old Sarum, near to Salisbury, Wiltshire. A couple of years later, with considerable support from friends of the Salisbury Cathedral, the bell was gifted to and then hung in Cathedral itself where it continues to hang in the chapel behind the main altar.

It hangs and plays as ‘A Witness’’. A witness to place, to space, to time, to the events and silences of these times.

Witness holds no belief or intention.

It is still and free in its capacity to sound or ‘listen’, and it’s clear strong voice may bring one to honour that quality ever more.

It is a beautiful and generous instrument, able to be played and sounded into the vast gothic Cathedral space by anyone who feels moved to sound it with the felted cast iron mallet that was forged to bring out the tones.

Please go and meet this bell one day. Play it and allow yourself to sense the power of sound and stillness and the reach of its life in this sanctuary of energetic frequencies that resonate through the deep channels of water beneath the building itself and throughout this mighty and important gothic cathedral.

What lives within this impulse of forging sound?

a short video that touches into the essence of our work of forging sound . ..and some glimpses of the team developing skills of forging together.

AND NOW … it is 2024!

In recent months and years a core group has formed to support more of the large tubular bells to be able to be made – and a few people and projects / communities have stepped forward asking to be the stewards and co-creators of one of these instruments:

The Peace Research Community, Tamera, is one who has committed to co-create one of the tubular bells – a core group has been collaborating on the preparation for over a year and the co-creation will involve the whole community.

Looking ahead to the forging time . . . Over the week of the Spring Equinox of this year, the brass bell (that is 2.5 metres long, 14 cms wide and 5mms thick) will be at the centre and focus of the Tamera community for a week of forging and welcoming a new sound being. It will be a work dedicated to our collective becoming – coherence with the people and the community of many beings.

It is a project that both their local neighbours and global community are supporting. We celebrate it’s period of gestation with awe and wonder at how the energies are coming together to sponsor an instrument that will support their own community and a wider global action for Peace.

AND NOW … it is 2024!

Is there a land or a place that you feel may be calling for a focal point where a bell may resound its wordless gift?

We invite anyone who feels a resonance with being the caller for one of these bells into a particular place to get in touch with us. From there we move into a co-creation space with you and the invitation you sense.

Would you like to have a tubular bell – small or large – in your house, project, garden, community?

There are a number of ways you can contribute to this exciting and expansive vision coming onto the Earth plane.

We have opened a door to bring greater possibilities for you to contribute and be included in the project – an worldwide interconnected web of sound frequencies .. .

By purchasing, sponsoring or commissioning a new tubular bell you will be supporting the larger ones to come into being. We see a circle of supporters as an ever expanding resonance field that allows the larger instruments to come into form. Even a smaller bell will connect you to that sound web of coherence and the donation will contribute to the forging of this sound web of peace, coherence and new possibilities.

If you’d like to be a supporter of the Tubular Bell Project vision you are invited to take part by:

– Coming to make a tubular bell that becomes part of the web in one of our workshops

– Commissioning a tubular bell – an instrument that lives with you or rings in support of another project, garden, or for wherever you sense it is called to be . . . just ask us!

– Making a donation towards a large instrument and receive a smaller tubular bell that connects you to the web and the ongoing project formation.

  • For a donation of 100 -150 euros you can receive a small to medium large copper tubular bell.
  • For a donation of 150 – 250 euros you can receive a small to medium brass tubular bell
  • For larger donations you can receive larger tubular bells
  • or you can simply donate towards the creation of the peace bells and pay it forward.

Please get in touch, we would love you to receive a bell and become part of this co-creation of the web of coherence.

Audio 1 Audio 1

Tubular bells snippet

“Tubular bells snippet” from Excerpt from ‘The journey towars stabilized coherence’ by Gabriella and Heather .

a couple of sound tracks that include some of the smaller instruments playing together. …

Audio 2 Audio 2

Excerpt of Tubular Bells playing at Monte da Paz

“Excerpt of Tubular Bells playing at Monte da Paz” from Tubular Bells by Gabriella and Heather.

A Community Forging Process . . .

One of the most compelling things that has arisen from this single vision is the way in which a community of makers has been formed around the idea.

The effect of striving towards the birthing of a coherent sounding instrument seems to be facilitating coherent community processes. Working organically and co-operatively we have become strong in sharing responsibilities, hosting, initiatives, organising and sharing so that no one individual carried the bulk of work.

It was the collaborative forging of this very large, thick, brass singing bowl that has forged us into a community of makers and friends. We, as makers and friends, are being forged by the process of forging sound! It’s a wonderful and life enriching encounter for these times!!

Resounding Earth