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Frequencies for
A Future create

For the Dreamers and Co-Creators of a Thriving Planet

Be part of a group of Deamers and Cocreators of new possibilities on this planet – inviting a frequency shift.
Receive and emanate frequencies and sound Gifts from the golden sourcepool
for the continual nourishment of your whole being during momentous change



During this time of the Turning of the Ages we invite you to be part of a supportive group of Future Creators, who align with and emanate the frequencies and vibrations that bring into being a new way of living with Earth in alignment with nature and pure love.

We meet online once a month and inbetween you receive regular Sound attunements themed to what is coming forward, which provide both nourishment and support as well as clearing, healing and re-aligngment opportunities through a series of frequency attunements and upgrades, created in collaboration and Co-creation with Nature and Sound.

Through a period where we are asked to be the finest and most natural version of ourselves there are many patterns that are rising to the surface and being shed – both within ourselves and throughout the collective field. What are the assisting frequencies and energies that can allow our world to move into a new direction, one where we align ourselves towards living a co-create the Future together with Nature and Earth?

To keep us supported and connected in these times of challenge, we would like to provide a field of connectedness and togetherness, from where we create from the frequency of gold, joy, love and life as a co-creative partnership with All of Nature, Earth and Cosmos.

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Frequencies for a Future Create

Frequency transmissions to calibrate with the fast changes occurring at this time – aligning and co-creating with Nature and the Earth

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Our engagement with you and all who who participate will be regular and will have it’s own rhythm over four week cycles. You are free to join in the cycle at any point and will be invited to re-subscribe at the end of your own cycle.

  • On the first day of each month: A Come Togethering online Zoom call. 7 30pm GMT for about 90 minutes An opportunity to be together and contribute to the fast moving currents and flows of this immense period of change

  • In the second third and fourth week of each month you will receive Sound Wands and/or frequency transmissions – best described as a boost and energetic shaft of vibrational support. These may be powerful sound transmissions that allow you to move through different challenges and shifts – always with the direct assistance and connection to Nature. Some wands may include spoken word, story and other frequency gifts from nature and the wider world and will encourage us all to enter into co-creation with an energy from Nature.

  • An invitation to participate or simply join a community space via Telegram – an easy and encrypted social space linked to your desk top and telephone. This is an optional extra and by no means required as part of the ongoing series.


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What an incredible opportunity to be alive at this time to co-create a new trajectory!!


Who are we able to become?





We don’t know ourselves any more. The maps don’t exist for where we’re headed and where we’ve been will never again be. And still we have the desire to continue to create as we land in this new ground we fond ourselves in.

We are curious.

We are tender.

We are unknown – even to ourselves …

And we are willing and really keen to continue onto the new terrain of continual wonder and chaos and rawness and loss and fulfilment as though each new day we become younger, more alive, more vibrant and more in love with our bodies, our lives, our friends, each other and the Earth.

The outer map looks like we are in a different country and we sense that this land wishes to contribute to all of us …

So we ask a question – what does it really take to live congruent to the timeline we are choosing?

Our timeline includes thrival for all, ‘power with’ rather than ‘power over’, co-creation with and honouring all of life as galactic citizens, together taking care of the Earth.

It includes seas and water systems that have been cleaned through incredible new technologies and all species including humans living with awareness and respect for one another as well as currencies that are based on creative and natural innovations and cyclical flows and generous reciprocity of gifting and receiving.


others experiences & acknowledgments


Your words, descriptions, videos, pictures and the sounds you both create touch and feed my soul so deeply…

I tuned in to this sound weaving and the contents of this e mail…, it has taken me to such great heights of pure love and harmony, just what this world is needing right now!
Thank you both for all that you create and share with us. I am lost for words!

The Sound Wands have been SO immensely powerful, beautiful and healing, much gratitude to you both for all your wonderful energies and creations and sharing. We are all healing ourselves and the planet!

Thank you for such a rich and beautiful gathering today! It was truly remarkable!!!

… here I am, sharing this wondrous space with you all, led by you, lead by the Earth – a simple invitation and look what has become …. you two together are such a beautiful gift and I am so very grateful that you are here and that I was called to be here too….and what if? What if….this is why I am here?

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We, Gabriella and Heather, invite you to be with us as we open our lives, our gifts, our dreams and awareness. We would like to include you in the Co-Creation of our New!

Again. We don’t have a map.

We have a Yes! to co-create and bring ourselves fully towards this beautiful future, new times that lift and inspire us each to be our best and brightest selves.
We are offering this for ourselves as much as for you.
The song in this video came through 20 years ago.
Might it be speaking of now



The details of Contribution/ energy exchange/ Financial Contributions –

We are offering flexible pricing to allow for different financial situations.

We ask for €22 as a minimum contribution per month and, if you feel abundant, wish to contribute and pay forward we invite you to contribute more i.e €33 option.

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A Four Week Cycle of regular Frequency Transmissions Including emails, downloadable sound wands, participation in a supported Telegram group and a live Come Togthering gathering via a Zoom call. Go here to join

For any and all questions please get in touch with us directly via email at [email protected]

If you really wish to take part but are not able to for financial reasons, please get in touch


Additional Note:

The land we are currently living in is that of the central region of Portugal, near to the Serra Da Estrela Mountains. Rich with olive groves, cork oaks and a wide range of fruiting plants and generous people we are opening to the crystalline properties and energies of the granite that forms the crust and bedrock of the wider region and valleys as we invite nature to co-create with us. The sound wands and weavings as well as the frequencies that arrive through breath, image and written word are deeply connected to the impulses arising from this location and many will be recorded in our Sound Cave – a basement formed directly from the bedrock beneath our house. It seems to us that we have arrived in a place that has the clean amplitude and frequencies that allow us to be at the centre of stillness whilst connecting to you through the frequencies that come forward. It is a great privilege to find ourselves in a land that has opened its heart and arms to welcome us and we look forward to sharing it with you through the weeks to come.

We have also been ‘shown’ and inspired that many of the lands and beings that we have co-created with over teh past many years are with us still and would lke o contribute their energies to this space to assist the frequencies of our wonderful changing planet. These include the white lions of Timbavati, the bushmen and the original people of Australia and South Africa, the Golden Source Pools of Ireland, Orkney and the Hebrides, Iona, the many sacred Earth sites and stone circles of the British Isles, the ice Flows of Iceland and the many sea beings that have visited and journeyed with us including Migaloo the white whale of the southern and Pacific Oceans. And without intending to make any one species or realm greater or more important than other, it is our desire to allow the Sound Frequencies and the Co- Creation Space of this ongoing series to be dedicated to the greater alliance of our human bodies with the plant kingdom in all of it’s forms. It is through the intelligence of plants that we come to understand that the greatest health, vitality and generative wellbeing can be created within one to two generations if we allow the greater connectivity of food growing and sourcing to become something that once again follows the benevolence and abundance of Natural Law.

It would be a joy and a privilege to have you enter this portal and receive the gifts of a truly abundant and generous Earth …

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Alternative Option: Once a month Sound Wand boost to keep updated with the changing energies on the planet

For those of you who wish to receive a regular sound frequency update to support these shifts less frequently, we invite you to consider receiving our once a month Sound Weaving as an option to support your own process and wellbeing through these changes. You would also be able to participate in the first of the month Come Togethering with Gabriella and Heather as they facilitate a live community space where a natural sense of community arises as though we are sharing a physical presence with each other.

For more: Monthly Frequency Upgrades

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Resounding Earth