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Sound Weaving

Sound Weaving

Creating vibrational fields of coherence and possibility

We can affect the field of our reality, what we experience and create within it;
by co-creating with the intelligence of all of life using music, sound and vibration in their most subtle expressions… from inaudible to audible, from ether into plasma

.Everything in our universe vibrates.

Tuning in with the hum of the universe and the quantum field we create ‘tapestries’ of sound and music using multiple acoustic instruments including our voices.

Our invitation is simple:
To uplift all into the frequencies where we as humans can live our true potential in alignment and co-creation with Earth and Cosmos for the possibility of greater consciousness, thrival, creative solutions, generativity and true peace.

An example of Sound Weaving – The molecules of space begin to vibrate at a different rate. Different possibilities open up.


Sound Weaving began with Gabriella, also lovingly called ‘the Songbird’ by many friends, in the 90’s, and evolved further when the second Songbird Heather, joined Gabriella in 2009.

Through the evolving space of their combined gifts and range of frequencies they have repeatedly found that this work facilitates healing, change and transformation in subtle but powerful ways.
There is a transformational ‘space’ created with in the vibrational field and they openly acknowledge that all energies are participants in the co-creation.
Within that space is an allowance and willingness to ‘weave’ with the unseen and unheard, and often previously unmet energies that are present.

The experience is often powerful beyond words and the previous challenges and difficulties may seem to have dissolved as though they have unexplainably moved on. . . a coherence has arrived and new possibilities become available where they had previously not been encountered.

  • Testimonial Sound Weaving

    Mary, Suffolk, England
    “Since we started sound weaving, I have felt an ever increasing connection and need to be in and with nature, and am more aware of the sounds around me. In fact all my senses are being fine tuned, a bit like the short wave radio. And I feel as if I am growing younger than older!!!!! ”
  • Sound Weaving

    Gabriella and Heather use their musical and sound senses and capabilities to co-create this magical space where transformations occur, in both subtle and immediately apparent ways

    Sound Wands

    Short focused Sound Weavings:

    Potent vibrational fields of creation, change and possibility that can facilitate personal and global shifts.

    Soundwands are pieces of music – co-created with Nature, the Earth and the Cosmos to bring forward a particular quality and frequency shift that can assist you in the evolutionary process of this time.

    Each sound wand assists with greater Earth attunement and the frequency shifts occurring on the wider scale as well as allowing your own alignment to be given the finesse and vibrational attunement you may be asking for.

    Other’s experiences of Sound wands

    • SoundWand

      ‘I spent some time with the sound wand and experienced such a powerful impulse of gratitude and thanking the Earth. I also set the space as suggested with intent to ask the wand to release any stuck molecular patterning from the past that might be holding me back – expanded out and… wow! It unearthed something that showed me itself as it left that I had no idea had lodged and stuck ….it was a big clearing and I am feeling different again.’
    • M on SoundWand

      ‘Yesterday I woke up already feeling anxious about family stuff, then I watched the headlines and began to feel overwhelmed… it seemed as if I was besieged with chaos… then I remembered the sound wand for creating dancing polarities… listening to it, I heard: “the chaos that can feel as if it surrounds me on all sides is contained within my greater being. From my greater being I hold the connection to the still point of the apparent storm, the point of creation where polarities are reconciled. I hold the balance, the potential, in connection with Source. My body, my embodied self, is a lightening rod for the golden energy of love from Source. I hold all in love. ” deep gratitude for this and all the sound wands.’
    • SoundWand Mary

      ‘Thank you so much for the sound wand. It is just so beautiful and incredibly powerful, and each one takes me on a very deep journey…’
    • S on SoundWand

      I just listened to the sound wand and send you deep gratitude for the transformative energy. Indeed I will listen to it when in need of support in this chaotic world to hold true to my being and vision. Particularly touched in a deep heart space by your vocalizations!!!
    • SoundWand V

      ‘Exquisite. A soothing balm.’
    • Testimonial for Personal Sound Wand

      I have listened, with my whole Being, to the wand. It was incredibly powerful and my body started responding immediately. I felt it I’m my legs, initially, with energy following from my feet. Then an aliveness in my womb area – this was predominant throughout 💗🥰🙏🏻 Additionally, my lips tingled and my Heart responded. My mouth was filled with saliva… 🤣 It was hauntingly beautiful to listen to with the cello and your voices. I’m going to embody it further each day 💕

      Soundwand Library

      We have a library of Sound Wands. Sound recordings co-created in potent powerful places at potent times – transmitting, focusing and making available qualities and processes that facilitate deep healing, transformation, purification and activation of various aspects of life for this evolutionary journey we are all on that allows us to co-create a Future of greater possibility and thrival

      Resounding Earth