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The World of Sound Weaving

“Everything has its own unique vibratory rate by which it distinguishes itself.”

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The World of Sound Weaving
The World of Sound Weaving

The term ‘Sound Weaving’ arose when I, Gabriella, lived on the island on Iona in 2002..

I was improvising music with my cello and voice for groups of people in a small stone chapel – tuning in with place and time and inviting all of Nature and the island to co-create the music with me to affect the greatest coherence and wellbeing for all present.
In doing so, I perceived how nature – the stones of the chapel and the rocks outside, trees, the island herself – and all who were present were effecting and contributing their energy to which sounds would emerge.
I could also sense how over the course of sounding – creating music – the whole field would shift and reach another level of coherence (integration of diverse elements & relationships into the most efficient state), a greater state of alignment and possibility. It felt like the music was weaving strands of vibration into new coherent patterns within the tapestry of our vibrating universe.

When we align with our own Source and from there invite the collaboration and co-creation with the intelligence of nature, Earth, place and time …. we then become the conduits allowing the sounds and vibrations to emerge that literally change the patterns that are out of alignment to come into more coherence.

This is based on the law of resonance. As we resonate in harmony with all that is present and aligned with the laws of nature, everything that is out of alignment begins to change and entrain to the stronger resonance of alignment – creating a different possibility of how reality shows up. The molecules change, perception changes, the field changes..


  • Testimonial Sound Weaving

    Mary, Suffolk, England
    “Since we started sound weaving, I have felt an ever increasing connection and need to be in and with nature, and am more aware of the sounds around me. In fact all my senses are being fine tuned, a bit like the short wave radio. And I feel as if I am growing younger than older!!!!! ”
  • Sound Weaving

    Gabriella and Heather use their musical and sound senses and capabilities to co-create this magical space where transformations occur, in both subtle and immediately apparent ways
    Resounding Earth