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What is Sound Weaving?

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What is Sound Weaving?
What is Sound Weaving?

And what can it create?

Imagine a world where you could see and perceive with all your inner senses of perception as clearly as with the outer senses: Where you saw and perceived vibration, nature spirits, the lines and movements of energy between and around the material things and beings. And imagine how each sound, each word and even each thought creates a wave and movement in this field of energy – some chaotic and some pulsing with fine geometry….

And imagine sounds that are co-created by many beings of this scene that weave those energy lines into new geometric patterns of great beauty and harmony – facilitating others in that weave to perceive more of who they truly are in the wholeness of this fabric of life! Imagine the sound creating more coherence in the weave, allowing people to see and receive more of the wholeness of themselves and this field of creation, more of who they truly are and the interconnectedness of all of life and how we can create with it.

What can Sound Weaving create?

Many people describe feeling more aligned and tuned, something shifted in their field and their body – and over time in their environment and lives.

Those who have been sound weaving over longer periods of time, feel more connected to nature, to life, they feel more part of the whole and their sense of contribution to the whole increasing along with their creativity and creative expression. They also experience expanded awareness and perception of energetic movements which creates a profound shift in perspective in who they are and what they can contribute to life on this planet.

Heather prompts Gabriella to speak about Sound Weaving.What is it and how did the name get created?

This is part of a series Tales of the Dales. Conversations during winter and spring walks on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Dales and Moors in Northern England.

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