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Resounding Earth is a collaboration and co-creation for the crafting and creating of sound that leads to a wealth of continually expanding possibilities for living with greater awareness and co-creation with the Earth and All Beings.

Tending the subtle field of Nature’s frequencies – it’s what the bees do

Tending a tapestry in constant change – never fixed, always in momentum . . .

We invite you to an acoustic wave of being.. with yourself… with others and with the Earth.

Sound Affects – Sound Weaving


Through the powerful modality of Sound Weaving, and through deeply engaging with Nature –  land, plants, bees and the humm of life – we have become awake to the many subtle and potent ways that sound vibrational fields can contribute to create rapid change.

Greater coherence occurs in many situations through the Weaving of fine acoustic sounds and a transformational space of healing is often encountered.

Sound Affects - Sound Weaving

Sound Transforms – Workshops

Our retreats, classes and workshops are opportunities to directly engage with sound, metal fire, craft, nature and all elements of life, to lead to communion with other and forge new vibrational possibilities that would contribute to a sustainable living Earth.

Our Singing Bowl, Bell and Gong Forging Workshops are offered in a variety of ways – from one day bell making to five day retreats that include a powerful awakening to the Spirit of place and the effect of engagement and co-creating with the geographic super-sensible nature of all the energies that are present and contributing.

Sound Transforms - Workshops

Sound Creates – Sound Instruments

Through the crafting of hand forged sounding instruments we work directly with the elements of Nature – Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, Earth, Air  – within a traditional craft that has been seeded anew.

The sounding instruments are made for these times, inviting the maker and receiver to open to and inspire new future possibilities, for themselves and the wider whole.

We offer hand crafted instruments in our online shop and also invite you to consider having an instrument crafted in co-creation with you by Gabriella through a deep and engaging process of co-creation. 

Sound Creates - Sound Instruments

Sound Connects

The energetic pathways of Earth have been disrupted through borders, artificial boundaries, buildings, roads etc.
We have been shown that sound can assist in restoring energetic Earth pathways and places.

Sound has a direct affect on the frequencies of all that it impacts. We are inspired by the call to craft large instruments to be forged in direct co-creation with specific energetic points and places on Earth – energies that may be functioning as sonic acupunture points, clearing and aligning the greater field towards coherence.

Our work with Sound Weavings, or Sound Journeys in co-creation with land and nature have been experienced as clearing, balancing and aligning and may move and reconnect lines within the web both within the Earth and within the morphic field.


Sound Connects

Sound and Wellness

The Earth is alive with many vibrational pathways that have long been under the natural care and governance of the many species of animals, plants and indigenous races of people. Through the rapid changes of the past centuries many ‘acoustic’ trackways have been profoundly affected through species loss and land use change.

The same is true for our evolving human bodies …

We are each sloughing off energetic patterns and ways of being through the constant upgrade of frequencies on planet Earth as she goes through her own massive and evolutionary shifts.

What can Sound, Nature and Love offer as you navigate your way through this immense shift?

Our aim is to support you and your community in gaining greater access to living in greater harmony with yourself, and to assist you in developing co-creative partnerships and awareness for your own greater wellness and wholeness?

Sound and Wellness

Sound Engages

Ongoing Trainings:

School of Life through Co-creation: We have worked closely with many people to build their own unofficial ‘apprenticeship’ to develop their own gifts and skills that have been highlighted through the direct impact of having worked with us.


A Future Create Sound Weaving Collective

Projects and Collaborations with others:

From the Hum: Bee Wisdom Network

Regeneration in Portugal: Vale das Lobas

Community of Tamera: Large Tubular Bell

Sound Engages

Letting Nature Speak through Song and Sound

Songs received from Nature &
Sound co-created with Nature
facilitate greater communion between Nature and humans:

‘Can you stop, can you wait,
Can you listen with your heart
to the words of Mother Earth?’

Earth Tales/ Breath of the Earth: Through the medium of the modern and informal tradition of the bard and the troubadour, our work has brought us close to many unacknowledged and unseen aspects of Nature that have become dimmed or dulled through radical change.

Letting Nature Speak through Song and Sound

‘Can you stop, can you wait,
Can you listen with your heart
to the words of Mother Earth?’

Resounding Earth