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Co-creating music with Yew

Gabriella’s story

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Co-creating music with Yew
Co-creating music with Yew

While I was at College studying music in Dartington, I had the great fortune of being in the midst of beautiful nature.



An assignment that grabbed my interest was the invitation to  create site specific music Рinspired by a particular place.The place that called me was a large Yew tree in the graveyard adjacent to the college next to a small chapel.

Sitting under the large Yew tree I found myself sensing its ancient presence envelopping me. I felt a very deep rising of energy with Earth and tree that brought forth sounds from the cello that took me both deep into Earth and far out into the cosmos

The experience felt so much more fulfilling than any other music making and I found a mate with whom I could improvise music in and with nature. Spending many hours in the wildness of Dartmoor, walking the land, listening to the trees, the brooks, rocks and stone circles gave me the foundation that when the invitation arrived to move to the Scotland Highlands, Dartmoor prepared me for the wild…… and the deepening of co-creation with nature

Resounding Earth