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Forging Self… in Mull

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Forging Self… in Mull
Forging Self… in Mull

A cornucopia of energy through words … words gathered during the spaces between the sounds and the hammerings at Ardalanish Bay.

Words brought into the dance of creation by Helen Titchen-Beeth during our residential retreat – Forging Sound, Forging Self on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, August 2017

The hard and the soft
Fire’s heat, hammer’s beat.
Earth pulls the hammer into the bowl
Heaven propels it aloft.
The instrument makes itself.
How the fire embraces,
How the metal speaks,
How the hammer responds.
Every detail tells a story of our lives unfolding.

Are we able to receive these messages from the elements?

Do we remember what we have asked for?

An essential gift of nature: the chaos of the bowl that has not yet reached coherence.

The birther and the birthed: all we can do is surrender to the birthing.

As we are forging, so we are being forged.

Am I willing to wear this intensity like a blanket, and relinquish suffering it like a penance?

It all takes place within the stillness and expanse of the field of becoming which is always holding us.

Resounding Earth