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A Field of Possibilities for the Ending of Wars

The energy of ‘remembrance’

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A Field of Possibilities for the Ending of Wars
A Field of Possibilities for the Ending of Wars

We were walking across an open stretch of moorland heathers and grasses… a quietude around us and yet we were both aware of a prevalent energetic field.

One of us had been startled in an extreme way just minutes before and the atmosphere was like that of a ground bird having been surprised by a dog wandering freely amongst the low scrub.

A trigger and a startle experienced directly through the body senses and we wonder what created the seeming shock waves that coursed through the harmony.A few questions later we recalled a monumental event that is about to occur.
It is a date and time held in place for 100 years. The 11th day of the 11th month of the year…a century of days has passed since a world at war came to put their weapons and polarised positions down.
There we were, walking along the path and we realised we were in the presence of a multitude of entities. Energies of people who had once had bodies and no longer had. Spirits of those who were gathering around the field of ceremony and remembrance for an event which happened 100 years ago…
One of those people was of course my own grandfather. An Australian soldier, an ANZAC who had been shafted/drafted into a war across the oceans to a land called Turkey, a place of battle called Gallipoli.

He has never come to visit me before. Having died when I was a very young delight of a granddaughter I had never encountered him directly as the ‘odd, strange, often surly and quite tempestuous man’ that my mother had described him as having been. To me, David Gordon Tennyson Smith had only ever been my Poppa. A beaming and quiet, rotund, cuddle companion. One who let me sit on his knee and who fed me the occasional extra strong peppermints called Steamrollers. When he died I was bereft. My Poppa no longer there for me somehow…Having him with me on the moorland today was quite a thing and I very much desired to listen and perceive whatever he was conveying to me. I knew this was an offering of some kind and I was willing and keen to receive whatever it was he was asking for…

We continued walking and started to wonder what it would take for this planet to no longer carry the energies of war, of traumas kept alive through remembrance – cellular or emotional, thought or cultural, physical or energetic… remembrance. We know it may seem irreverent on the day before the day of remembrance to allow ourselves to consider NOT remembering but we were in the presence of a being and his many companions in the aftermath of warring energies who were conveying to us that remembering is a way that we continue to keep these conflicting and traumatising fields in existence.

What if we did allow ourselves to no longer re-member?
Lest we what we are told and what is enshrined throughout monuments all over the world. What if we did not actually forget but we chose to no longer re-member ourselves and our antecedents to a past and future that has abuse, trauma and conflict as a signature, a characteristic of the plane of human suffering?

When we scanned ahead into the future with awareness another question arose  – how long would it take for the residue of abuse and trauma to no longer be an energy that all beings were at the effect of? What would be required for a future in which the energy of abuse was no longer recognised and so would no longer play a part in the creative and generative living.
2ooo years…Really? Another 2000 years?
What would allow that to change? Was there anything that we could bring about that might allow that to be reduced?
We landed at around the 350 – 400 years mark now …This was possible. Not only possible but also desired by all of life as we currently know it and as it may come to be. A time when the course of human suffering is no longer held up as an esteemed prize or medal,  a flame to be ignited and commemorated for the conflicting and warring energies that were once held in highest regard.

A Sound Weaving to end the perpetuity of war
This soundweaving recorded on 11.11.2018 was created to free those beings who have been trapped or magnetically bound by our commemorative occasions to be let go and move towards new conscious choices.

So today we ask you -What is it that you carry in your heart and in your light as the future trajectory of life on earth? Would you be willing to place your energies there on this day?

Would you be willing to neither resist nor remember the course of human suffering as the hour of 11 occurs wherever you are in the world?

Would you be willing to create a space for yourself to be with the sounds that were created to assist the shifting of many energies that have been held in perpetuity through the righteous views and defined orders that perpetrate the annual onslaught of an ending of a war that truly never ends while we insist on keeping it alive?

These sounds were created to allow those beings who have been trapped or magnetically bound by our commemorative occasions so that they could let go and move towards new conscious choices. These sounds were created to allow the possibility that we could create a nebulous and liminal space of something unfamiliar as yet and yet longed for and sought after…that which is a space where we no longer recognise the energies of trauma and abuse for they no longer have any reference points or need to be healed…

The sounds are without meaning and without shape.
They allow something uncomfortable to emerge and also to become more familiar.
To create new requires the willingness to let go of the familiar, the known, the celebrated and the remembered. No we are not advocating dementia or finding ways to numb ourselves on utopian ideals or drugs of any kind.
We are directly asking each of to behave as though we no longer are re-membering ourselves as that from whence we and our grandfathers came. What possibilities lie therein?

So give yourself a little space or place of comfort and perhaps put on your headphones.
Be present…fiercely present if that works for you … with what was and what is no longer desired. Beyond thinking or emoting, beyond right or wrong or good or bad.

This invitation is to be empty… a space that may allow a bridge or a transformation of energies that are also ready to shift. The weaving we recorded was quite long but one section came through as being what we would like to share with you.

It is 11 minutes and 11 seconds long…What can these sounds allow for you and your body as you enter into the sound weaving field of possibilities?   Through this writing and the playing of the music we came to know him as a being no longer bound by others as the memory of what he had been but as a being in some way freed and honoured and present, as love.



Resounding Earth