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Births and Vibrational Fields of Possibility

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Births and Vibrational Fields of Possibility
Births and Vibrational Fields of Possibility

I sat with this beautiful bronze bowl for a while the other day and I was moved..

After a while I recognised a vibrational field that is truly of and from ‘the new’ rather than one that is created according to a template from the old or familiar. 

To our ears it is an incredibly beautiful and long resounding sound… bright, long, strong and as clear as any signal could ever be.

And then there is so much more happening…. check in with your body and ask what is occurring as you hear the bowl play.

Where does your attention go as you allow the sounds to ‘take you’…?

What else is occurring? What other magic or ‘work’ continues to happen when the sound that you hear stops short of the audial range?

What we know for sure is that we are changed through the playing of the bowls, the making of them and also being with them…

Hearts full of thanks to the maker, Gabriella Kapfer, and the inspired person who asked for this one to come into being through form.  

Commissioning a bowl is to enter and fully engage with an act of co-creation. You are asking for a sound being to come into the world that will possibly make a difference…

To you, to others, to the future…

Would you like one? More here.


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