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A Single Drop

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A Single Drop
A Single Drop


What single drop of possibility can we be that brings into the world a manifest vibration of peace?
What does it take to create peace? 
For this we are inspired to look at the question of where does transformation happen? Is it out in the world or is it within ourselves? Is it in our actions or our reflections? Is in the ways that we create and generate our lives with each other?

What does it take to live from beyond the distractions and the habituation of a polarised reality rather than an inherent desire to live according to essential harmony and wellbeing for all of life?

We’d like to ask – what would it be like if we acknowledged that peace is something that lives as a dream in this current world and that the creation of peace – within and without – is actually a quality that we have virtually no references to?

What is it that allows a dream to begin to create itself as reality?

Initialising and Actualising. It is about having an impulse to bring something forward and then taking a different step, a course of action, and asking for a different possibility – one that carries ever more of the many single moments that we each desire more of. A single drop many times brought to the planet creates more ripples that carry the qualities of that drop. These drops, when brought from an open-hearted space of co-creation with elemental beings can bring about a range of new frequencies that have never existed on earth before! What if those single drops, of hammer strikes on annealed metal, could bring forth a vibrational possibility that Peace May Prevail on Earth?
Over the years of crafting and forging metal sounding instruments we have been privileged to co-create alongside different organisations and communities who carry a deep impulse towards the creation of peace on earth and whose work is daily impulse and generated from this question – what does it take to have peace on earth? What difference can we each be that will allow a field of possibility to grow that literally invites the energies of peace towards the Earth?

Our invitation for you to join us for the making of a Peace Bowl or Bell is an invitation to come with the willingness to undefine your ideas and conclusions about what that means and come willing to Be the energies from which Peace may begin to know itself here on a planet that includes and is woven into a glorious creation dance with All Beings, the Solar System, the Cosmos and the Universe at large.

For us a workshop is an invitation to participate in a dance of co-creation. One where you meet the metal as a being of the earth, one that has come forward from the Earth’s crust to be crafted as something new, acknowledging all it may have been and encountered in its existence pre-mining and since having been mined. These processes may have been many along the way and it may well have been regarded as inert, benign or unconscious along the way. What if we are able to meet this sheet as a co-creator – an element in bringing forth more of what you would like to have as possible for the future?

For that we ask you to find that invitation within your own space of being and allow the engagement with the fire, with the metal, with the water, with the many nature and earth beings that assist and be willing to be in joy, in gratitude and in wondrous possibilities for the many futures we would each wish to create on and for our ongoing journeys and choices.
It’s simple. It is profound. It is stillness in motion. It is transforming and it directly opens multitudinous new ways for living and creating and generating your life and living.

And what is peace?

Is it the absence of war? Is it audible silence? Is it the roar of the ocean? Is it a single drop of stillness in a busy day? Is it a space where there is usually none? Is it the warm hug of a child that lives in the moment? Is it a spontaneous encounter with an aspect of nature? Is it something that you have never encountered? Is it the empty fullness of a meditation? Is it harmony in whatever action you are engaged in? Is it joy? Is it sexualness? Is it communion with another being? Is it a flash in the pan? Is it a distraction? Is it a divisive plot to have you focus on what you are not? Is it a brief encounter with delight? Is it a red rag to a bull? Is it the knowing that you are not separate from anything or anyone? Is it about another? Is it about you?
What are the qualities that are close to the creation of peace for you?
For me it is the absence of thoughts…an emptier space that allows me for a moment to arise and flow from a space where I am more elemental by nature.


Resounding Earth