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How do we co-create our work? – setting up a team

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How do we co-create our work? – setting up a team
How do we co-create our work? – setting up a team

By way of preparing for any of our work – be it a sound weaving, a new instrument, an online or live class or gathering, a journey or workshop, we call in the team with which we would wish to co-create and invite an attunement. We literally attune ourselves energetically and openly to be in tune with the impulse and we bring the many pieces together. This gives us a clearer sense of what is ‘asking’ to be created and allows the creating to flow with inputs becoming available from a wide range of energies and beings that have respnded to our request to co-create with us. It’s quite alot like setting becoming a particular frequency on a radio setting. When the bandwidth of the impulse is met we can more fully receive the transmission or downloads of energies that are available to co-create with us. These are sometimes packed with information and details, other times we receive as though in a meditative space – a quietude and re-harmonising of ourselves with the project. Sometimes we are given a clear directive… “a talking to” that brings us right to the very heart of what is required to bring the whole idea to a new place. A shift in us.

January 29th – attunement for Singing Bowl Workshop at the World Peace Prayer Society, Allanton, Dumfries, Scotland


Dear Ones What it is you seek you already have…

The ever present still space that knows not itself through the busy-ness of your business creation.
Is it possible you would allow us to find you without the panic and push as we open ourselves as ever to commit to the co-creation you say you so desire?
Will ye not craft instruments for stillness? For peace of being? For sanctity of heartspace, present and available in any single moment?
What is the restlessnesss of you that clutters your thinking and that insists on importance and cause?
Please…clear the stories from your mind.
We are talking about here about a sound.
It has not words and requires no meaning.
The drop of sound that each hammer strike brings forth is neither an antidote nor cure for the ailments of this world. It is a gesture, pure and simple, that has intrinsic beauty and harmonic peace ever present within its nature.
We don’t ask you to make for us or to work on our behalves…  We ask that you beckon yourselves to a place where what is, is. There is so much mental fight and flight of fancy. Truly, we ask, what energy can you create with your own body and bodies that can be the vibrational code and invitation for the joyful work you engage with?
What service can you be for each other that celebrates the singular magnificence that making these instruments is, as one of the glorious ways that the earth comes to know peace?
I ask – who writes through me? The response – A Peace Keeper. A Friend.
The restlessness and wrestling with all your choices…they are bound, as yet unfree.
Seek ye the still clear voices. Those that come with loudness and force are shouting to get your attention. Please, be the energy of what you know will create ease for each of ye… It is not as fraught with fear as you are ever aware that others are addicted to be..

There is but one request that we have of ye both… and here it is so clear..

Would you be willing to have some fun?

This one came in without any hesitation … before the pen hit the paper the information started to pour through energetically and the translation was fast and easy.

Having been all over the place with our preparations in the period before this receiving we were both immensely grateful for what became available through these words and the energetic shift that came with the receiving. A stilling and re-aligning that allowed us to refine ourselves and connect so fully to an essential invitation that lives within the very heart of all that we do and be in the Forging of a Singing Bowl or Bell. 


This image is a graphic receiving for Heather from Viola Clark and her beautiful and vast World of Beings. A birthday message that brought through a stream of images and energies and later words. Words that speak to the multitudionous and benevolent beings and energies that are available to support, play with and co-create with… anywhere, anytime…



Resounding Earth

Resounding Earth