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Opening to Become a Voice for Nature 1

Gabriella’s story part 1

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Opening to Become a Voice for Nature 1
Opening to Become a Voice for Nature 1

Over time I’ve been asked frequently how my work of Sound Weaving and co-creation with Nature came into being.

Welcome to the first installment:

‘Sound Weaving’ uses sound as creative force, where we allow ourselves to be Sung and played by the great Hum of the Universe. We invite the elemental forces and the spirit of space and time to co-create the sounds with us that can weave strands of vibration into new harmonic patterns that create greater coherence.
Coherence is a term from physics that describes all parts vibrating together as a unified whole.As coherent fields are created, cells, molecules and atoms are able to move into greater harmony and spontaneously realign, facilitate healing and calibration for bodies and spaces/ places.

Invitation from Nature:
Sound Weaving emerged from an invitation from Nature, where a mountain literally asked me to create sound, song and music for Nature and the Earth.This was during a time (around the turn of the millennium) when I had given myself to co-creating a garden in collaboration with the intelligence and spirits of nature as part of a small retreat centre in the north of Scotland.
So I was really open and available to hearing and perceiving the whispers coming from the natural world:

This is how it happened:
At the time we had a visitor in our small retreat centre, who was an amazing medium – communicating with nature spirits and entities of all kinds and she had asked me to guide her around the area to places and sites of interest and energy. Going on a hike or a drive with her was a fabulous experience for me as she would suddenly point into an obscure direction and say ‘over there, that’s where we need to go, someone is calling’ so we would walk or drive in that direction until we found the source of the ‘call’, which sometimes was a rock, sometimes a tree or a waterfall and other times just an energetic encounter.

Learning to See:
It was a huge education for me learning to feel and track the energy of where we were going and how it changed….I was taught to spot the faces in trees and rocks – and instead of just noticing them – start to energetically engage with them as the possible connection points with the spirit of tree, mountain or rock. Invariably if we took the time and presence to be curious and engaged with the face in a tree or rock, it would start to ‘come alive’ and the spirit would have a way to engage with us that was recognizable to those of us not used to the subtle invisible communications that occur at all times.I could literally see a treeface changing for example to start with it looked like it was sleeping or dreaming with both eyes closed. After a few minutes of being present with it and gently asking for connection, I could observe how suddenly one eye seemed to be open while the other one was closed and a few moments later both eyes seemed to be open. This occurred repeatedly as if by our engagement what had seemed inanimate became animate and woke up in a manner we could recognize and engage with. Other examples were a face appearing somber and serious and after some time of engagement and communion there seemed to be a smile.

Nature Asks:
We had beautiful encounters and experiences, received stories and messages and in the evenings I was moved to pick up my cello and translate some of what I had experienced into sound and music.At one time while playing I experienced an energetic shift – so many overtones opening a veil into another dimension – as if we were entering into the inner dimension of Nature.
There we were welcomed and asked whether we would each be willing to commit more deeply to being a voice for the Earth?
For me this seemed like a big moment between breaths – held in suspension until my Yes was clear –even though I did not know what it would mean.
And it was the very next day, when I drove through the valley to run some errands in the local town that I spotted the face in the mountain looking at me. This was not a sleeping face I needed to engage with for it to come alive. It was completely awake and I felt moved to stop and pay attention.

The Mountain’s Request:
I stopped the car, got out and invited the mountain to communicate with me.
What I received was a message: ‘Play for us’.
Wow: ‘what do you mean? Now?, later?‘ No more response… I got back into the car and drove on: There on the next fence post sat a hawk waiting for me until I nearly reached it, when it flew up and onto the next post until I nearly reached it again and again it alighted, glided gently to the next fence post and waited for me again.When I reached it this time it rose and flew above me over the car back to from where I’d come from.So I decided to follow its direction, turn around and drive back home.

A Tree Symphony
I collected my cello, walked into the woodland clearing and started to play. Very soon I had the sense that all the trees were joining in, then the mountains from afar and a host of invisible voices…. An etherial choir.

Songs from Nature :
After that I began to receive songs from nature and the Earth that speak deeply to us humans at this time… energetic transmissions that can trigger, ignite and awaken slumbering keys and clues for our human tasks, potential and creatorship with the planet at this time. I noticed my voice beginning to expand in range and tone both upwards and downwards and new tones emerging from the cello – allowing myself to be ‘sung’ and played by the Hum of the Universe in co-creation with the natural world and the intelligence in all of life.Transmissions of sound and music would come through that weave new fields of possibility, create more co-herence in the ‘field’ both for people and places and events….. Here a recording of some of the early sound weaving: Enjoy…

Resounding Earth