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A Birthing Of The New… a B-earthing of You.

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A Birthing Of The New… a B-earthing of You.
A Birthing Of The New… a B-earthing of You.

Have you been crafting, creating and living your life from an ‘old’ way of being?

Are you asking for that which you know is available but it cannot be defined or named and so it sits in the wings, waiting…?
It cannot be named for it has never been in existence and you know that to name it may restrict its growth, it’s infinite qualities and energies that will allow and enable more of what you know to be possible.

It is new.

You know it’s possible because you can sense the energy of it as it dances in the realms of what may have formerly been called the dream … the whispers of consciousness … your own infinite knowing in relationship with the cosmos…
It may be an energy that you can sense and perceive but not quite grasp? Wonderful! Please don’t attempt to grasp it…allow it to come to you as you sense it more generously, ever opening to greeting it with wonder and openness.
Keep going – sense the energy of it. It may be something that you have tucked away and out of sight, perhaps locked away in a cupboard or stashed under the bed, put away for your children to find or for you to return to in another lifetime?

Would you like to create your life from a hum instead of a numb?

Perhaps it’s something you’ve known all your life but through years of getting on with the stuff of life has become a little like white noise – ever present and irritating – but if you filter it out you can manage to get on with the daily numb?
What if it were possible now to bring that which has only ever been a dream into existence? What if these are the days we have been asking for and creating our lives for and the days that are indeed offering us to live as one with Creation’s Dance?
So here’s our question to you –

Would you like to create and live your life from a hum instead of numb?

When something is held too tightly it contracts, becomes dulled and numbed. This is easy to perceive through a singing bowl – when an open and vibrational sounding instrument such as a singing bowl is ‘stopped’ it ceases to vibrate according to its own resonant field. This is true of an idea, a child in the playground filled with questions, your own body as it’s movement is restricted through rules or lack of something it requires. When a singing bowl is either held lightly or sat freely without too much surface contact when being played they may ring freely and their full harmonic range will vibrate out into the field of the wider cosmos.

This work of handcrafting an instrument such as a singing bowl cannot be fully met through any manufacturing process. The way of forging is mysterious and strong. It facilitates people to having a direct experience of being at one with the energies of embodied creation. You yourself as maker will be changed, transformed through direct engagement with receiving that which you are asking for vibrationally and in a form that cannot be controlled or dominated at the outset. 
And here’s an interesting moment that bears more fruit – what we know about creation and crafting and forging is that it’s the bowl itself that tells us when it’s ready to come out of the fire. It’s the sound or vibrational frequency through sound that delivers the moment of arrival. A moment of knowing, a direct, generous and coherent space from which the maker, the place and the impulse to make the bowl itself all come home to a new resonance.
An instrument that is in resonance with what it is you are calling for – not only through the instrument but that may well touch every molecule of your life.

If what it is that you are calling for is ready to be birthed – even if only vibrationally – would the bowl making like to facilitate that birthing or b-earthing for you? 


Resounding Earth