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Opening to Become a Voice for Nature 3

Gabriella’s story part 3 -IONA

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Opening to Become a Voice for Nature 3
Opening to Become a Voice for Nature 3

When I got back from my time of communion in Orkney, I started to play sound and music not only for the garden and land but also for the people who came to the retreat centre.I invited nature and the person’s own infinite being to bring through me the sounds that would assist them in their healing and evolution;
What occurred was amazing.

Healing Sounds

Each time big shifts were facilitated through the sound; someone felt huge burdens falling off their shoulders, another person felt deep remembering emerging from their bones that made them change the direction of their life and where they chose to live – returning to their roots.
Some felt pain leaving their bodies and others felt more aligned and recalibrated and nearly all were deeply moved…. By both sounds and songs.
I had been given a new tool and gift to give to the world.



A few of weeks later my new friend invited me to come with her to the island of Iona – a very special place that I really needed to meet!

Once more I took leave from my garden and the centre and drove southwest  to the west coast. What beauty lies in the Scottish hills, each glen, each loch and each mountain full of stories, some tragic, some magic.

As many of you know, a journey to Iona is always pilgrimage – first being greeted by the rustic beauty of the landscape, then there is a first crossing over the water to the Isle of Mull – moving through the first veil, after which there is a glorious journey over the rugged beauty of the island of Mull until you reach its southwestern tip and the ferry port for Iona where you will be taken through the second veil and you arrive on the magical island of Iona where the veils are thin and you can meet energies that you might not meet anywhere else.


Iona has been called the island of the dove, the island of St Columba who founded the monastery, but before that even it feels to have been a place where deep wisdom, and learning was held by druids and prior to those other wise women and men. To me it seemed  like a place where souls arrived onto the Earth for the first time and where in many lifetimes they come back and receive the next upgrade or input into their souls journey. Information from who we are and our evolutionary journey seems to become available here.

It is extraordinary how many thousands of people make this very long journey and pilgrimage every day – some even only for a few hours – and many people are drawn to return again and again as if it is ‘home’. Others seem to be spat out by it, they leave very quickly with not such a great experience, as if its not their place.

For me – as for many – setting foot onto Iona was like ‘coming home’; a profound sense of immediate recognition on a very deep level of being and the songs that began to pour through me on that land at that time are some of the most timeless and powerful that still awaken and transmit on levels beyond cognition to those who receive them.

‘Iona, land of my Dreaming’  (from the album: ‘Songs of the Dove’)
Iona 2000

Iona, land of my dreaming, Iona, land of my home,
Iona, island of destiny, Iona take me home.
Iona, home of the fairy folk, the druids of the sea,
Iona, island of destiny, Iona set me free.

Iona, land of my learning, you forge and strip me bare,
Time to release the suffering, Iona of my care.
Iona, source of my teaching, the cradle of my quest
Let us stop the fighting beneath the rising crest.

Iona, you hold the teachings of the King and of the Queen
Of the elements and nature laws whose children we have been.
Iona, island of opening to sea, to earth, to elf;
Iona, isle of remembering, remind me of myself.

Iona, land of my dreaming, Iona, land of my home,
Iona, island of destiny, Iona lead me home!

Resounding Earth