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Full Bodied Flight

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Full Bodied Flight
Full Bodied Flight

It was the turning point from December to January, 2000 to 2001.

It was a time of big change and we were in the land of big space, Arizona, USA. I was sitting on the very edge of the Grand Canyon, on my own, having walked away from my young son and his Dad as each of us were  taking in the vast space… This land opens an energy unlike any I had ever encountered in this life. At some point in that space of no time, a bird flew past, up close and impersonal, a little unwieldy and slightly awkward in its flight. It was simply a part of everything that was there… and it was wonder full beyond measure or definition. 
It all was.
Some short moments later a couple of Park Rangers came along in great excitement and asked me whether I had seen it … What had I seen? 
Apparently I was witness to the first fledgling flight of a baby condor that had been raised as part of an international conservation action between South America and the USA. I learned later of the Hopi prophecy that refers to a time when the eagle of the south flies with the eagle of the north there would be the dawning of a new day with all peoples of the Earth. 

Seeing this video has awakened a deepest flow from my whole being. One that knows through every molecule  that we all know the muscle of jumping, of flowing, of soaring and choosing to be in full flight with our lives and choices.

It’s as natural for each of us as it was for that fledgling condor on that December day in Arizona and, as it is for this adult condor, released through the witness and ceremony of a group, a community of people who only wish it well as this bird, no longer captive is released unto its full potential. It’s natural state of being.

There’s so much for us each to receive from the energies being conveyed and brought through to us from this mighty being … I invite you to view it as though you are there…

Catamarca Viernes 28/03/2014 Liberación del Cóndor Sayani en el cerro Ancasti, cima de la Cuesta del Portezuelo.

Become one with the condor itself as it turns and faces the group full on before leaping into the known unknown energy of its winged state of being. What is it that allows you to turn and say thank you to your past, your supporters and your future, fully knowing that as you jump you are fully held in the embrace of your own knowing and each fully awakened and intuited step or flap of your own fall as you move into your flight?

Are you ready to be carried by the sheer wonder of movement with each choice? Each moment? What I know through every molecule of my body and being is that we all know the muscles of jumping, of flowing, of soaring and of choosing so that we can be in full flight with our lives.

What of you on the joyous path with a full bodied Yes? 


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