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COMMISSION Testimonials

Testimonials for custom made singing bowls and bells

Gabriella’s process of custom-crafting bowls and bells is a form of soul-tending. Beginning with our initial interview, she listened and tuned in to what was moving in me and in my life, helping me to discern what role the bowl could have in support of my own emergence. Carrying that deep intention with her into the forging of the bowl, Gabriella worked with the subtle energies of both the subject (me) and the object (the bowl) with astonishing sensitivity and intuition. She is an inspired and dedicated artisan whose true gift is to bring bowl and soul into sacred resonance.
— Julia Smith MD Seattle
Gabriella crafted two beautiful singing bowls for me, in a process that profoundly impacted me in ways I would never have imagined.  The work she did consisted of several weeks of firing, hammer and re-firing and re-hammering and instilling the bowls with vibrational energy from her heart and soul. She shared with me her journey of completing the bowls and as she unfolded the story it became deeply clear to me that the process the bowls went through reflected a deep emotional process I was in at the time. Gabriella recounted to me the difficulties, challenges, and barriers preceding the emergence of beautiful bowls that have an exquisite sound when played.  What I felt was that during that time, the bowl process was a kind of “distance healing” process, where the bowls and Gabriella were alchemically working with my energy field. It was as though something was being worked out with the bowl process that I might otherwise have had to confront in my emotional or physical body.The bowls feel organically connected to my body and spirit. I use them daily, sometimes several times to increase mindfulness.  As I ring them, the vibration moves through me and clears energetic blocks that might otherwise become emotional or physical problems.Gabriella is a gifted musician, craftsperson and healer, working on the energetic, alchemical and physical level to created singing and healing bowls.
— Nita Gage, PhD, MA , CSAC
Wow, such an amazing process!
I closed my eyes as I listened to the recording of the process you sent and found my Self nearly in a meditative state….
it felt as though I was right there with you and the bowl going thru the entire process together.  The experience was deep, I felt completely submerged, yet fully present in the co-creation of my bowl.I am struck by your documentation of this process and your tender loving care.I am beyond delighted and excited!!!
— Sharon Fallon Shreve

The magical journey of a high frequency bell the tale of the creation of a custom made bell as perceived by the recipient

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