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Becoming a Conscious

Co-Creator with All of Life

 A weekly call – series of 4 online Attunement Sessions


with Gabriella Kapfer and Heather Cowen of Resounding Earth


A series of attunement sessions with Earth …with seas, trees, bees, seeds, fire, breeze, ease and belonging… 

Each week attuning and being in communion with different beings/ aspects of this beautiful planet to assist us to live in closer relationship with the Earth herself – with practices for widening, deepening and allowing.  

What’s required to live in and from greater communion with Earth and Cosmos?

What is it to be ‘at home with ourselves’, with others and with Earth as we create a Future of Connectedness and Thriving? 


We have been shown in recent attunements that certain species are vibrational frequency carriers for the whole of the planet. . . 


are you one of them?





For an initial four weeks we will come together each week we begin to really bring ourselves towards attunement; coming into communion with different beings/aspects of this beautiful planet…. that includes You.  The gifts that can come forward through so doing can assist each of us to live in closer relationship with Earth and all Beings.

… a kind of humm … a humm of bee-ing …

Over the course of four weeks we will also bring new practices for you to be with and incorporate into your life… deepening each week.

Develop perception, listening, communion and co-creation with Earth and some of her aspects and species…

The days between each session may allow a new space of enquiry … what are the frequencies you’re aware of? … how do you attune with others? 

Open channels and create a field where capacities that have been dormant and unrecognised will be given a space to bring through more of the light qualities that you may be asking for … and that can facilitate many ways to living from the space of a humm.

As energetically alive beings we are constantly receiving and transmitting messages and energies from and with  other beings ….

What occurs when you allow more of that as a part of your own true Nature?




21st May 2020   8 – 9.15pm BST With Bees:  What can bees teach us as the potent alchemists of substance and energy carriers of the hum of creation and vitalization. What are they the way showers of? What can we be with them? 

28th May 2020   8 – 9 15pm BST With Fire: In recent months and years we have seen wild fires be more active. It seems that the destruction of habitat, mining and disregards for ecosystems has created the element of fire as a more destructive force. What is it we can be with ‘fire’ that could create more possibility of fire as ally and potency of creation to meet challenges? 

4th June 2020   8 – 9.15pm BST Seeds of Becoming: What seeds did we all bring with us into this life? What seeds lie still dormant within the Earth and within our subconscious – ready to awaken to allow us and the Earth to make the Quantum leap of consciousness required at this time?

11th June 2020   8 – 9.15pm BST With Seas / Water & Whales: Attuning with, receiving, and bringing energies and frequencies of wholeness to the waters of the planet, and how we as humans relate to them. (We have received messages from the Whales asking us as humans to assist them in the tuning of Earth’s vibrational field – especially through the medium of water – offsetting and outcreating some of the more damaging electromagnetic frequencies used by modern technologies.)


From the Hive: Bees fanning

Over these last days I’ve been observing bees fanning at the entrance of the hive. They move their wings so fast, you can hardly see it, but those 3 bees fanning are creating an air current that regulates temperature and humidity, which assists these alchemists to have the right conditions inside the hive for all the alchemical transformations to happen. The fresh nectar that has been gathered will need to be thickened through heightened airflow to evaporate some of the moisture to ‘cure’ it into honey. Have a look at the fast wing movements of the 3 bees at the entrance working together when the camera zooms in. 

Would you like to join us to attune in with bees and other aspects of nature to come into conscious co-creatorship with all of life?



Contribution/ energy exchangE

To account for those who have been knocked off their financial kilter by the current lockdown and corona crisis, we would like to offer a sliding scale of contributions:

Please contribute as you can to this in honour of yourselves and us  all: We have suggested between £30 – 80 for the whole series and have opened up another option by donation for those who would like to contribute more. 





Sensing ahead a little

to the next series

Trees Life – Attuning with the and strengthening the web of interconnectedness of life on Earth and all that is available through trees – the life generating beings of this planet. 

Sound Weaving Meditation – ‘At One with the Hum of Creation’

Breeze – Wind/ Air The Breath of Life, Winds of Change ….

Earth – (vitalisation, vivification, vibration) becoming the vibration of the hum in gratitude and co-creation with Earth

One yet unknown and many more may rise to be met as we open these pathways to greater communion.

More creativity to follow…


Resounding Earth