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Jul 05


Meet and work with the elements of Nature through the alchemy of a coppersmithing and forging process.

July 5, 2024 
to July 7, 2024
Friday 14 to 21h, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 to 17:30

A three day non-residential workshop to experience the alchemical process of transformation through crafting a singing bowl with Gabriella and Heather

You will be fully assisted and supported in working in a co-creative process of crafting metal to bring a unique fine frequency sounding instrument into form:to scribe, cut, shape, fire and sink your own small singing bowl, made of copper, brass or bronze. To craft your own singing bowl is a fun and rich experience of immersion into an ancient process of forging, working closely with the elements and the tools whilst bringing a new consciousness to every moment.

At the end of the workshop you will not only have a beautiful, fine frequency sound companion and ally, you will have gone through an embodied experience of personal and alchemical change yourself. This workshop is an invitation to meet the wonder of alchemy as you engage in a truly co-creative process.

Please note that this workshop is limited to no more than 6 people.

Contribution/ Financial Exchange: €300 – €450.   (chosen metal extra)
We have introduced flexible pricing to give you choice and freedom to bring your heart to this exchange and account for local financial situations. Give what you genuinely feel, creating a balance between showing your appreciation for our work and your own financial capacity.
If you have an abundant financial situation, you can pay more to facilitate participation of those who have tighter budgets and the evolution of this work.
We would be sad if the price of participation keeps you from being with us. Please send an email if you wish for a personal agreement.

For more details and to book, contact Gabriella: [email protected]

It will be a joy to share these days with you!

Mata, Sobral Pichorro, Serra D’Estrella, Portugal

Serra D’Estrella, Portugal

Resounding Earth