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The molecules of our bodies, the molecules of the earth are but one and the same…

What would it take for them, for us, to vibrate freely, in resonance… with each other?

You are invited to come home… To a space known as You.

An acoustic way of being.. with yourself… with others and with the Earth.

Where there is consciousness there is an absence of limitation, an energetic possibility…


Resounding Earth is an impulse that acknowledges the consciousness of all of life. Working alchemically with metal and sound, through attunement with plants and all living beings we acknowledge the co-creative universe of which we are a part.     

In the spirit of co-creative partnership we invite the consciousness of other beings and energies to participate with us in all that we offer and facilitate.    

Our retreats, classes and workshops are opportunities to directly engage with more of life, to lead to communion with other and forge new vibrational possibilities that would contribute to a sustainable living Earth.  

Welcome to more of life!


Resounding Earth