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Over the six days our accommodations will be shared between two places.

In the Alentejo we will spend four nights at Fuguerinha Ecotourisme – an eco oasis within easy reach of the Atlantic ocean, the large market town of Vila Nova de Milfontes and the eco projects that have been widening the research and possibilities of greater community creation with all of life. 

Our second home base sits high in the green mountains of Serra de Monchique in the Algarve – Karuna Retreat Center. The area of Monchique is known for its healing thermal water, medicinal plants, pure air and lush green landscapes and it is here that we will be given a wide reach of vista and seclusion as we come close to a wide variety of flora, fauna and something akin to peace and sanctitude. 

Twin shared in a variety of options – some luxury camping, and some rooms at Fugueirinha Ecotourisme. Each a treat providing comforts and considerations from a very warm host and her team. Karuna is a spiritual centre for the widest community, both in Monchique and throughout southern Portugal. Twin shared and some single accommodations in newly completed buildings atop the mountain where your gaze will take you to the seas and the forests all round…

Each of these venues have offered us delicious breakfasts and some evening meals prepared especially for our group and at Karuna we have a freshly prepared lunch as well.



Meals: Each day will include a local breakfast at our accommodations and of the six days, five evening meals will be provided, all freshly prepared vegetarian food, mostly locally grown and organic. At Karuna we also have a lunch provided on our last day together so that we can spend the day here with the land.

There will be opportunities for grazing and picnicking during the days and also an evening where we are free to choose from the space of the hum, where we will gather the end of day nourishments . . . there are a few great local eateries in easy reach of our venue in the Alentejo at very reasonable prices. 

Travel: Depending on numbers we will be traveling in a nine-seater minibus and another vehicle with both Heather and Gabriella as drivers.   

Extras: At Karuna there is a request to have us provide bed linen in the interest of eco responsibility. If you are able to bring your own please let us know. We will assist in any regard to make this possible if you’re not able to carry additional items. 

More information about what to bring will be given upon booking.

 “…the space of One, from where movement arises and all direction is Known, 
                                  through which we encounter and come to live as Hum..”



Resounding Earth