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Cycles of Interconnectedness

Please Come Back

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Cycles of Interconnectedness
Cycles of Interconnectedness

We are being nudged to reconnect more deeply and naturally with the impulses and messages from Nature that came through the songs Gabriella received over 20 years ago:

Our move to Portugal three years ago has brought us to many changes … it was a strong choice and one that we are daily aware of for the constancy of being in a somewhat different world … a different way of being in most regards and for the range of energies that we are now more acclimatised to as a matter of the many adjustments made through simply being in a different land and cultural environment.

One of the greatest and most easily noticed differences is the shift in our living perceptions of the elemental and nature kingdoms that are not always in physical form … the veils, the unseen, the dominion of other living beings that are not human or animal, plant or mineral, such as those of the Fae, Schihe or Sidhe, those of ancient indigeneity such as races from the great mountains and lands of South America or the Himalayas who had lived and thrived and them moved into another dimension – but continue to live from that space. There is something so acutely different here about the quality and atmosphere, and undoubtedly us, that it has been quite a different experience of living with an expanded awareness of ‘other’. The lands of Albion, Alba and Eire brought us both such incredible riches and treasures in the way of these misty but fully known spaces and meetings with other. It is difficult to not feel the loss at times and wonder whether we have become a little dull…

And as I reflect now it is clear that the choice to be here is one that is about being more directly in relationship with Nature through actually engaging with it … this is not a land for everyday enchantments and thin veils. The tone of those qualities simply does not get much daily work done! (She writes, smiling to herself and realising that it’s only now that I see this!) This is a land where the needs of the local quintas or rural farmlands and their sustenance needs are the tone setters for engagement with nature …

For some many months I have been wondering about this … how to have a greater contact and engagement with these beings here… Are they here? What of the ancients, the peoples of the Lusitani and their predecessors? Who came before them and what was their living relationship with the beings from unseen nature realms? Where are the beings of the subtle forces and how do they express themselves here in this land? And what in me and us that may need to shift to allow greater sensitivity to their presence and energies?

How to have a greater contact and engagement with these beings?

The stones, the giant and small granite beings that are megailiths and monuments to a wondrous Earth for what they are … timeless and still, guardians and keepers of all of the shaping forces of the terra or terrain of this region. There are few forests, matas, for us to wander in nearby and the rivers, ribeiros, are lifelines through their graces and movement, connectors and reminders of currents and flows. The mountains have their own characters and they live within our sight line and we within their fold and constant presence but it would be true to say that we are only just beginning to come to know them … these mighty beings take their own time with us.

My own inner dialogue has changed immensely – little did I realise how much I am shaped by and influenced by the innate voices of place. It is here that I am more directly placed with a more physical expression of life and nature – an embodied meeting with the elements as they bring us directly to the continuance of life and the interconnectedness of worlds. There is something incredible about knowing that my using the compost toilet on our friends lands is a direct source of nourishment to the soil that will be growing our vegetables in the coming years. It is clear. The substance of life brings us together and all is nourishing the other if we allow these links in the chain of life creating acts to be lived most fully and consciously.

It is an unfoldment and it takes its own time … In this time is not a measure but a constant and a kind of qualitative shape around which we are able to digest and process and possibly contribute to life here on Earth.

meeting with the elements as they bring us directly to the continuance of life and the interconnectedness of worlds

So what of the impulse to come to meet the elemental and inner earth beings of this country, and the one that you live in? For what reason am I called to write about these beings today?

Well it’s about Gabriella’s songs … they have been singing through me a lot in recent weeks and months … singing in a way that is calling me and us towards them as an invitation.

To be with any one of these songs is to be in a finely tuned frequency of light as though it is just being delivered through the land, rock, water, realm through which it was first given …

They are as alive with life wonder and gift as the day they landed and are ‘asking’ to be tended to. They contain life regenerating qualities that are in sore need of replenishment. And they are teachers and guides for some of the most profound and simple gifts.

I recently witnessed Gabriella shift the energy of a conversation in a group by offering to sing a song . . . at first I thought it was a little clumsy to place a song suddenly in the space of a wider social, non-musical gathering … but there it was – a song wanted to be sung and it changed everything. The energy shift was clear and immediate and easy. All were touched and somehow brought most directly into the face of purity.  Every one of these songs allow a gift, a message given from nature to be made more available. They contain healing energies of the many essence carrying natural forces that are being sung (about) and when we allow ourselves to be touched by them they create a shift of the most immediate and natural kind.

And so, we are being moved to allow the songs to be sung through us and with the additions of sounds from some of our other instruments.


We are weaving rays of light into tapestries of life, for the healing of the body of the mother.

It is the most natural thing in the world.



a message given from Nature made more available through song . . .


The Covenant

Please come back to honour the places

Where we meet and make our peace,

Please remember to speak the graces

Through which you find the missing piece.


As you wander aimlessly through the land

We are waiting for you to see,

That in every river, every tree, each mound

There are signs to set you free.


Please return to honour the promise,

That together we may found

A world where as brothers and sisters

We are walking on holy ground.


Let us sing the songs of the rainbow

That the Covenant may be,

Let us walk together in Beauty

For the Earth to reach her destiny!


Resounding Earth