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THE FORGE Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls

What has mostly been forgotten as singing-bowls have become popular musical instruments is that originally they were crafted with very strong creative intentions.
These very potent sounding vessels emit vibrational fields of consciousness and evolutionary momentum able to create and contribute to what was possible in the future.

This strand has been picked up by Ton Akkermans as a vital factor in the crafting of singing bowls, so all our instruments are crafted in conscious co-creation with the elements and the greater field of consciousness – creating  vibrational morphic fields of possibility and actualization with each instrument.

This means that each bowl is forged with a specific powerful purpose that assists a person, group, land, space or time in its development and evolution.

The journey of crafting the bowl can in itself be a totally transformative journey – whether you have one specifically made for you in co-creation with you – or whether you forge it yourself in one of our workshops.

 Singing Bowls have been known and used in ancient Tibet, Nepal and India for thousands of years to accompany, assist and focalise the life and spiritual development of communities and individuals.

Today they are used and known for their benefits of sound and vibration to assist with deep relaxation, expanded states of consciousness and much more.

The Process of crafting them can become an alchemical journey of deep healing, alignment and discovery or simply an uplifting experience of crafting a high quality instrument of great beauty and tone.

Why would you wish to have a Singing Bowl? 

Benefits of Singing bowls used in a mindful manner include:   

  • Calming and stilling and expanding the mind (mindfulness) 

  • Creating Focus and clarity

  • Assisting meditation and relaxation

  • Facilitating healing

  • Uplift and inspire

  • Assist sleep and rest

  • Many of our customers are using their hand crafted singing-bowls and bells as a daily practice to bring themselves into alignment, meditate,  focalize meetings and classes, align themselves and others, clear spaces and their own minds/fields, contribute energetically to spaces and people, create energetic flow, begin and end classes, yoga sessions, raise vibration and uplift…. and more…

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