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Singing Bowl Workshops – testimonials


These workshops are about so much more than making a singing bowl:  the bowl making process is held in a vibrational field which encourages self-reflection leading to self-knowledge and insight, recognition and potential release of blockages to the free flow of energy whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual: Gabriella and Heather are always there to facilitate these healing  and clearing times.

Louise Carpenter, Yoga Teacher and Medicine Woman, Suffolk Bowl 2015

I still cannot come over it… I play it often and in the least likely places around the office… Today a friend told me it sounds so “balanced” and “whole” that I even shed a tear for her sensitive ears. :-) Another one simply knelt in front of me and kissed my hands. I am so touched myself by the 3-day experience, the result and by the reactions of these two people today that my wings are flapping strong and carrying me 10 cm above ground. :-) THANK YOU!

Andrea Erdei, Brussels, Belgium


Resounding Earth