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Sound Weaving Sessions, Groups, Workshops and Events



It is a vibrational space of possibilities…

A field of creation that only requires you to enter into.



Sound Weaving Groups

Throughout 2016 and 2017 a group had been meeting regularly to practice and apply Sound Weaving with incredible results: Each member of the group described their life being transformed, where they could be more themselves, be more connected to Nature and the Earth following the language of energy and have a greater sense of contribution.
This inspired us to offer Sound Weaving as a training.

This is a conversation with Louise the organiser and member of the first sound weaving group that has been working with sound weaving regularly for over 18 months and have experienced extraordinary changes and results that they all attribute to the sound weaving.


“Gabriella and Heather use their musical and sound senses and capabilities to co-create this magical space where transformations occur, in both subtle and immediately apparent ways.”


Sound Weaving Concerts / Events

Sound Weaving Concerts / evenings are hosted regularly throughout the UK and abroad.
People report many amazing things after sound weaving evenings / concerts: i,e, they feel more aligned, a pain has left, in some cases stuff that has been stuck comes out and begins to move, which in the first instance can be a little uncomfortable, or they feel just more peaceful and at ease….


Receive the energetic support, inspiration and creation opportunity at a time when we are all called to step up our capacity to envision and create a thriving healthy world and Earth we truly desire to live in and co-create with. Monthly membership subscription:

Global Online Sound Weavings

Global online Sound Weaving Events as contributions to the Earth

We regularly hold global online sound weaving gatherings. If you wish to take part go here: 

One to One Sound Weaving Sessions

Sound vibrational Awakening, calibration and healing through Sound Weaving

Gabriella offers one to one Sound weaving sessions both long distance and in person with astounding results:

Resounding Earth