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Potent vibrational fields of creation, change and possibility that can facilitate personal and global shifts.


A personally crafted and co-created sound upgrade from a Sound Alchemist…?


What is a Sound Wand?

A potent and beautiful Frequency Boost to support your Life and to assist you to live in greater co-creation with Nature and All Beings.
A recorded piece of music – co-created with Nature, the Earth and the Cosmos to bring forward a particular quality and frequency shift that can assist you in the evolutionary process of this time.

Each sound wand assists with greater Earth attunement and the frequency shifts occurring on the wider scale as well as allowing your own alignment to be given the finesse and vibrational attunement you may be asking for.


Sound Wand Library

We have a library of Sound Wands. Sound recordings co-created in potent powerful places at potent times – transmitting, focusing and making available qualities and processes that facilitate deep healing, transformation, purification and activation of various aspects of life for this evolutionary journey we are all on that allows us to co-create a Future of greater possibility and thrival

Monthly Frequency Upgrade Soundwand

Receive the energetic support, inspiration and creation opportunity of a Monthly Frequency Upgrade

With each monthly sound wand you will receive the next upgrade and vibrational input during this enormous shift of the ages – while building the field globally .

When you subscribe to receive a monthly frequency upgrade you become an energetic and conscious contributor to a powerful energetic Sound Alchemy that is focussed towards the evolutionary shift occurring both for each individual and for the Earth.

Delivered to your inbox as an easily downloadable mp3 file you will be able to work with it as you choose. Usually of approx 20-25 mins length it will come with questions and input of an energetic theme that is current at the time and is offered to assist you and all beings to keep your personal frequencies as high as possible and to upgrade your energetic awareness and capacities as we navigate these amazing times.

Regularly created for you by Gabriella and her team as part of an ongoing co-creation.

You will receive the energetic support, inspiration and creation opportunity at a time when we are all called to step up our capacity to envision and create a thriving healthy world and Earth we truly desire to live in and co-create with.

Join here: minimum contribution starts at £9 per month

You can unsubscribe at any time. Just take part as long as its fun and it supports you.

Experiences of monthly frequency upgrade soundwands

“….I am loving and living all the sound wands. It’s hard to put words to the feeling, it’s a greater connection with the earth and a more peaceful feeling within my self.” N

“Thank you so much for the monthly sound wand. It is just so beautiful and incredibly powerful, and each one takes me on a very deep journey.”Mary

“Yesterday I woke up already feeling anxious about family stuff, then I watched the headlines and began to feel overwhelmed… it seemed as if I was besieged with chaos… then I remembered the sound wand for creating dancing polarities… listening to it, I heard: ‘the chaos that can feel as if it surrounds me on all sides is contained within my greater being. From my greater being I hold the connection to the still point of the apparent storm, the point of creation where polarities are reconciled. I hold the balance, the potential, in connection with Source. My body, my embodied self, is a lightening rod for the golden energy of love from Source. I hold all in love. Deep gratitude for this and all the sound wands.” Meg

Personalised Sound Wands

You can also ask for a personalised Sound Wand to assist you or someone else you know through a high frequency sound attunement. :
Through the quantum field and by attunement with you Gabriella and her team will co-create a vibrational sound field of 15 – 20 minutes in length.

You can choose various options or a combination:

1) A personal abundance session: Co-creating with the elements of Nature and your body – inviting and creating frequencies to align with the energies of what you are asking for. You are free to give the details or not.

2) Calibration session: A potent sound field to facilitate a higher level of functioning and alignment.

3) A Sound Wand to assist with a particular issue in your life – eg health, relationship, a threshold situation, a blockage or stoppage in any area

Order a 15-20min Personalized Sound Wand

A vibrational field of support to assist any changes required, created and woven through sound in co-operation with your body intelligence and essence that creates the vibrational pathway to new possibilities.

Change can show up either immediately or cumulative over time as you keep working with the Sound Wand.`

Ask for a personalised Sound Wand with a short description of the situation you would like to change or receive support with: email here or click below

Experiences with personalized Sound Wands:

“Exquisite. A soothing balm.” V

‘“I spent some time with the sound wand and experienced such a powerful impulse of gratitude and thanking the Earth. I also set the space as suggested with intent to ask the wand to release any stuck molecular patterning from the past that might be holding me back – expanded out and… wow! It unearthed something that showed me itself as it left that I had no idea had lodged and stuck ….it was a big clearing and I am feeling different again.”L

“I just listened to the sound wand and send you deep gratitude for the transformative energy. Indeed I will listen to it when in need of support in this chaotic world to hold true to my being and vision.
Particularly touched in a deep heart space by your vocalizations!!!” S

Resounding Earth