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The alchemical journey of making of a singing bowl

Making a bowl is an adventure I become deeply immersed in. The fire is crackling, the flames licking around the golden disc – a round piece of brass destined to become a singing bowl. It had been carefully chosen, cut out of a larger plate and filed into a smooth precise circle to get to this stage of being in its first fire, where it leaves its past behind and begins its new destiny as a singing bowl.

I close my eyes listening to the fire and think of the person who has asked me to craft this bowl. For the purpose of this writing I will call her V. I feel joy, I see cherry blossoms and flowers. It’s spring in my inner vision while on the outside high summer is surrounding me. An uplifting energy. The golden disc in the fire changes colour, many colours – absorbing the rainbow before it glows and I take it out to cool down.

It’s blackened now and I need to clean it before I start the process of hammering. Ash, air, water, acid all play their part in the early life of this singing bowl. Before I start hammering I connect with V in prayer that it may serve her highest good and evolution in the frequency it brings through… READ ON

Resounding Earth