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THE FORGE Tingsha Singing Bells

 Tingsha Singing Bells


Welcome to our hand crafted Tingsha Singing Bells

Each set of bell has been crafted in conscious co-creation – each set with its unique qualities and vibrational range.

Tingsha bells are traditionally a pair of bells

You can click on the picture or name to get more details about each set and its qualities.
There is also a sound file for each one, so you can allow yourself to choose either by the name or qualities described or purely by the sound and resonance and invite it to work with you in your own way.

The qualities described are what presented themselves during the forging but they are only guidelines – let them speak to you as you listen. 

All bells are hand crafted with care and conscious co-creation. Through hammering, firing and working with the metal and intention, the metal is imbued with the resonance of a new frequency.

The larger bells are also available as single bells.

There are many ways in which they can contribute:

  • Raise frequency , energy and vibration

  • Lift and uplift

  • Clear the mind

  • Clear and cut through mucky spaces

  • Bring colour, joy and sheer delight

  • Sound a call for awakening

  • Open and close meditations

  • Invite the spirits of nature to co-create and play

  • Facilitate calibration and alignment

  • And more: use your imagination

These bells have become my go-to gift to new parents, not only for them, but for their babies. There is something absolutely beautiful and captivating to the sound they make, and which somehow magically stops their crying. I have received testimonials from several of the parents I gifted them to about how much their little ones love the bells and how often they use them. Not only that, but the baby can keep them for a long time as he/she grows, unlike clothing you grow out of! What a special treat it is to have access to Gabriella’s craft; I know she makes them with profound care and love.



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