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Training / Apprenticeships and Deepening Co-creation


 Over the years many people who have experienced our workshops have asked to go deeper, enter into ‘apprenticeships’ in various areas – the alchemical forge, sound weaving, energy tracking, co-creation and more…

We have created One to One apprentice places over the years and are now opening to more who wish to go deeper in any of the areas we are working with.

Here is the invitation:

What can the Alchemical Forge, Sound and Co-Creation facilitate in your life, to create for the now and the future?  
The gifts of sound forging, weaving and alchemy is a way of joyful work that opens many doors of new awareness and perception. 
What we currently perceive is that we wish to support the deepening journey of each of you as you hone your own expression, true note, and allow that which comes through you to ‘ring true’ in sound and frequency and other ways as an expression of your Source Connection… 

It will be different for each of you. 

So what is moving you? 

What are you asking for? 

You may or may not know…. We hope that this writing will start to bring more to the surface for you and – if you feel called into this deepening journey, we ask you to notice your Dreamings . . . night and day Dreamings …  

For one person it may be that there is a project asking to be assisted in its act of being birthed and for another it may be the path of a deepening to co-creative awareness and communication with other realms.
When we started to follow the energy of sound and birthing frequency carriers through the alchemical forge we neither of us where this path would take us.   

If you feel called to enter into a deepening journey with us, please get in touch. 

We will allow ourselves to be informed by you as to what we can contribute towards your journey and we are excited to know what various co-creations and projects with the alchemical forge and Resounding of Earth over the coming months and years.  

Resounding Earth