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Living an integrated and integral life . . . that includes money

a life and work in progress

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Living an integrated and integral life . . . that includes money
Living an integrated and integral life . . . that includes money

In this transaction am I caring for myself? for my community? for our Earth?

Our actions and engagement with our work and with you, want to be free from any abuse frequencies and energies that have been recycling and implemented as normal for an unquantifiably long period of time. We have come to recognise that most money transactions circulate through the direct sponsorship and investment in maintaining a reality where war is regarded as normal. We have a deep, shared wish, to disengage from being contributors to that ‘system’ and affliction against life itself. Needless to say this is a big work, an aim and, an assistant to our own many choices and actions as we continue. We, like you, are beings born at a time of immense systems change and collapse. This is a process of tremendous re-patterning of ourselves and how we interact with others, a continual reworking of (and with) ourselves, for (and with) our wider community and for (and with) Earth herself. There is no supportive case for life as normal, or ‘it’s the law’ or ‘that’s the way we do things’ any more.

What are the guiding energies and principle assisters we turn to? Nature. Our own nature, inherent nature and our primal mother here on Earth is our teacher, guide and companion. It’s in our natures to share and to care.

We came to a point of realising that for us to continue with our joyful and fulfilling work, sharing our gifts and love through Resounding Earth, we must be aligned with that which would do no harm. We have made changes in the way we interact with money, easing our way into finding and developing alternatives to being dependent on large banking corporations and governments and we have released any need to define ourselves as a business. We simply seek to offer our work in the world and allow it to support the greater wellbeing of the whole as we and privately and collectively undergo systems change.

We don’t have answers. We are following our shared sense of alignment with the shared essence of what would support a vibrantly healthy living and Resounding Earth.

We each aim to live from a vibrational space that includes openness and immense possibility yet resonates from a centre which is stable, and inviolable. It cannot be defined or held too fiercely but allows a continuity of connection to a source field of creative and infinite consciousness and life. It is an enormous privilege, though filled with uncertainties, to be ourselves and creatively contribute to a world that seeks harmony and coherence, peacefulness and wellbeing. We are asked to find and honour our own integral rhythms and responses, all of them linked to the essence of what it is to be a healthy and creative organism that is symbiotically linked to other. Living as though we are a part of a whole organism, where we are symbiotically being both co-creators and co-created – living, breathing, being breathed, responding, arising, feeling, acting, engaging with an ever greater naturalness and connection to life itself- human life, conscious life – with an openness to meet ourselves and you from an ever more wonder full, beauty full and heart full space.


Care First – what is it? An impulse deeply inspired by love that brought us together in 2008. . . a natural impulse that asks us to be alive to all of our interactions with money that bring us to caring for Home, for Community, for Earth as a felt sense that guides our choices consciously. It’s been an ongoing guideline that we come back to over and again. We don’t labour it but it softly guides and shapes an integral sense of balance and flow that we can trust.

We invite you to consider these questions from a soft, heart centred space as you enter into your next financial transaction – that may be a purchase or giving or it may be through the receiving of money.

In this transaction am I caring for myself? for my community? for our Earth?


Money is one of the energy streams of our pulsing, living Earth that offers itself to an infinite array of movements and exchanges. How we engage with it makes an impact on money as well as it does on ourselves and other. We feel, through different attunements and meetings with the being of money over the years, that it invites us to be generous (as it is), to be responsive and consciously aware of it being open to working with us! Money invites us to meet it with beauty, integrity, gratitude that is unbounded by disturbing or harmful frequencies.

It’s a tall order, we know, but we continue to live with it softly, as a whispered invitation and thread of connection to the essential truth that all are all cells in a vast organism and we carry a deep desire to live and generate our lives through being coherent wherever possible

For more about the inspirers and movers in a Care First World meet our friends Louis and Sandra Bohtlingk and their lifelong engagement with Money as Love



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